Crayola Air Dry Clay

Available at Target, Wal-Mart, Michael’s Craft Store, JoAnn Fabric and AMAZON

  • Grab appropriate size glob of clay
  • Work into ball in your hands for a few seconds
  • Pad down into patty on stack of paper plates using side of hand/base of thumb
  • Press central foot pad down first very firmly, then each individual toe & claw very firmly
  • Pull foot off clay carefully
  • Save top paper plate with impression
  • Clay will air dry in a few days (DO NOT BAKE)
  • Comes off wax-coated paper plate perfectly once dry
  • Make oblong patty for shepherds, smaller round patty for cats
  • Patty should be about a quarter to a half inch thick
  • The stack of plates gives you a better pushing base than just one plate