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Pet Loss At Home connects pet owners with our Team of mobile veterinarians (Dr. Holly Pietschmann, Dr. Megan Carolan & Dr. Vanessa Yeager) throughout the Chicagoland area. Our focus is availability for home euthanasia 8am-8pm, 7 days a week, within 1-3 hours notice same day. You can look forward to more and more reliable home euthanasia service as we partner with more and more compassionate veterinarians.

  • Cost is $300-$700 depending on body care (home burial vs. cremation)
  • Optional Clay Paw Print and/or Fur Clipping by Request FREE
  • $300 – $350 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia.  (This option would be for home burial or a pet cemetery.)
  • $400-$500 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia, pet body transport, group cremation, nothing saved, nothing returned (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save precious photos instead of ashes.)
  • $600-$700 includes mobile vet drive time, house call time, sedation, home euthanasia, pet body transport, private cremation, ashes saved, ashes returned via personal delivery for certain locations (You may prefer to have the mobile vet take your pet’s body and save/return the ashes.). 
  • Scheduled appointments are BEST to ensure availability but we can handle emergency mobile vet care as well at times.

Call Pet Loss At Home Chicagoland (877) 219-4811

  • Have your zip code ready (Example 60519 – Chicago)
  • Our Smart 800# connects you with a mobile veterinarian in your local area.
  • Dr. Holly Pietschmann, Dr. Megan Carolan, & Dr. Vanessa Yeager service a 2-hour radius of Chicago. 

Dr. Megan and Henry & Dr. Holly

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Chicago Home Pet Euthanasia

How To Prepare For A Home Visit With Pet Loss At Home:

  • A home visit usually lasts 60 minutes.
  • Please set aside a box of Kleenex for tears, a food distraction for dogs (ice cream, chicken, ham, cheese, peanut butter), two large bath towels that can get peed on and a very large blanket or bed sheet that the vet can keep. Please arrange for 1-2 family members or friends or neighbors to help lift the dog stretcher out to the padded bed in the vet’s vehicle.
  • Signature and payment are handled first. Cash or check (made out to the mobile vet’s name) are preferred. Credit card available with free processing.
  • The goodbye setting can involve friends, family, neighbors, Skype, FaceTime, other pets, candles, quiet music, dim lighting, flowers, photos, telling stories, sharing fond memories, kleenex and towels/soft blankets/pillows. Most home visits take place inside the home on the floor, couch, or bed or in the yard on blankets. Meeting at a beach or park is an option.
  • The most painLESS euthanasia method requires sedation first using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location. Don’t ever let your pet be catheterized or euthanized without sedation first. Sedation completely eliminates and avoids a painful vein failure nightmare.
  • The euthanasia process works as an anesthesia overdose and is started with a sedative injection. Most pets hold still for this administration, some squirm a little, some vocalize from the pressure of liquid going under the skin. A food distraction can work very well here for some dogs (ice cream, chicken, ham, cheese, peanut butter) and even cats (milk, tuna). If you are worried about your pet’s sensitive personality, chronic pain overload or unstable failing medical condition, the vet can discuss that with you.
  • Once your pet is unconscious and under anesthesia, then a back leg vein is used for the final overdose. Accomplishing unconscious anesthesia first guarantees that your pet will not feel or experience or know about any painful vein issue. Please be aware that open eyes and quicker breathing are normal to see at death.
  • Please request a clay paw print and/or fur clipping if desired. Those keepsakes are free and optional.
  • You can keep your pet’s body at home with you or the vet can take the body and arrange for cremation service. The vet’s vehicle has a large padded bed in the back and comes equipped with a stretcher. Please arrange for 2 – 4 family members or friends or neighbors to help lift the stretcher. There are two options for cremation: group/no ashes saved OR private/yes ashes saved/returned to you via personal delivery for certain locations. Return usually takes 1-2 weeks. Rush cremation/return can be arranged. You can also attend/view the cremation.
  • There are issues to be aware of that are out of our control when it comes to working with elderly animals that are riddled with failing body parts. Cats are often more difficult to work with by nature than dogs. When it comes to the sedative injection, many cats are reactive and not the most cooperative by nature. Using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location is very helpful but not a guarantee that the sedation injection with go perfectly smoothly. Because every pet we are working with is overwhelmed with old age deterioration, debilitation, failure, and often cancer, it’s not uncommon to see some more dramatic body reactions while the failing body attempts to process the sedative drugs. For example, a seizure can occur when cancer has spread to the brain, muscle tensing or tremors or twitching can occur when blood salt levels are unbalanced, and quicker breathing or vomiting can occur as well. The vet’s explanations during the home visit will help prepare you for what is going to happen. It’s very important that we manage your expectations of what is medically realistic when working with a failing pet’s painful and debilitated body. Keep in mind, we are doing everything medically available to minimize pain and maximize peace by sedating first using the smallest needle possible in the most comfortable under the skin location. Most euthanasias are relaxed, quiet, peaceful fading. Some involve more dramatic body reactions because the body is in such unstable failure from old age and cancer.


On June 21, 2018 we had our beloved Lily B put to sleep, in the same house she had lived for nearly 16 years. Lily B was a lab/pit rescue –  loud, bossy, smart and loved every human she encountered. The mere thought of not having that vivid presence in our lives was crushing. I will be forever grateful for Pet Loss at Home and  Dr. Holly Pietschmann.  Dr. Holly was remarkably professional.  Our phone call to set up the visit allowed me to ask questions. In person her demeanor was knowledgable and compassionate.  My husband, a surgeon, could not bear to be present, but my two dog loving best friends were with me.  Dr. Holly didn’t hurry the process and let us give Lily B lots of hugs and kisses.  She gently asked me if I was ready and then administered a sedative first, so Lily B was sleepy and calm.  I laid on the couch next to her and cuddled like we always did.  Her death was very peaceful, and again Dr. Holly did not hurry our goodbyes.  My friends helped put her nearly fifty pound body on the stretcher and with the blanket tucked up under her chin, Lily B looked like she was simply dreaming.  When my husband came home to the empty house I could tell him that it was ok, and that I will always look back on that day as happy/sad and filled with love.  Dr. Holly sent me a lovely note afterwards, which I saved, along with all the cards from Lily B’s fans and friends.  The mere fact that I am writing this testimonial seven months after her death is affirmation of how poignant the memory is, and how supported I felt.

Kristine Hall
Furball Chicago Home Pet Euthanasia

Chicago, IL: I am so thankful I stumbled across Pet Loss At Home in my “what do I do now?” searches. My cat Furball has been the one constant over the last 17 years, keeping me amused and grounded as I’ve lived in countless places and cities. I was dreading her last experience with me being a visit to sterile office surrounded with strange smells and noisy animals (worse yet, in a cat carrier she’s always despised). When I finally had the courage to reach out, Dr. Monique Lewison responded to my message right away and was flexible to accommodate my schedule and brave the Chicago construction and traffic to come to us. She was wonderful with Furball, very empathetic and didn’t rush us through any part of the process. I couldn’t have imagined a better result for a decision I’ve been avoiding for many weeks and am enormously grateful to Dr. Monique for making my last memories of Furball as nice as they could be. Thank you- H.W.

Waylon Wheaton Home Pet Euthanasia

Wheaton, IL: Waylon, our Australian Shepherd, had been given another year to live through treatments for cancer found July 2013. He made great strides in living a healthy life, but the first week of September his health took a turn for the worse. We contacted Dr. Monique Lewison, and her comforting words were helpful as she discussed the decisions we faced. Waylon passed away Friday September 5th at the moment a rain shower blew through the Wheaton area and before Dr. Lewison came. We were grateful for our conversations with Dr. Lewison on that day. We love you “Buddy”! Joan and Jeff


Winfield, IL: I wanted to thank you for providing your wonderfully humane Pet Euthansia at home service. My dear cat who gave us nothing but joy for over 15 years was struggling with congestive heart failure for the last four months. We knew his time was near but it was a Sunday and we did not want to take him to an emergency veterinary hospital where he would spend his last moments on a stainless steel table. We heard about Pet Loss at Home and called them and they agreed to come out right away. Dr. Sarah Hadzic was wonderful when she came to our home and treated us with great kindness and compassion. Our cat passed away very peacefully in his favorite chair in my husband’s arms. I am so happy we were able to provide him with that relief in his final moments in such a comforting manner. Thank you so much for providing this very important service for us at this very sad time.

Mundelein, IL: We just met Dr. Sarah Hadzic and she was incredible with our dog Bear. Bear was a rescue dog that we adopted in 2005 and has been an important part of our family ever since. EVERYONE LOVED Bear even other pets! We were heartbroken when we found out he had a malignant mass in his sinus. We just received the results and began treatment on Thursday. Saturday early morning he took a quick but drastic turn for the worse. We knew he wasn’t feeling well and were going to the vet on Monday. Sunday morning we saw him decline rapidly and that is when we contacted Dr. Hadzic. She got here very quickly and was able to end Bear’s suffering. We really do appreciate your service.

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