• Read a special poem, remembrance, or scripture
  • Display memorial items (a drawing, children’s memorial artwork, love note to your pet, handmade box, collar, fur clipping in cellophane bag or ribbon or box, photos, toys, blankets, clay paw print)
  • Plant a tree/flower/bush (PetTree.com or MyEternalFamilyTree.com)
  • Light a candle each day as a tribute
  • Share stories and memories and videos of your pet and your family
  • Use photos to fill an album, place them in your pet’s favorite spots in the house, make a collage with them, fill a multi-picture frame with them, and carry pictures in your wallet.
  • Write a poem, story, or song about and/or dedicated to your pet.
  • Write down your special memories of your pet. Add to these stories or anecdotes from friends and family.
  • Chronicle your pet’s life with photos and/or by keeping a journal of their life. Write a letter to your pet expressing feelings you may be struggling with.
  • Make something that reminds you of your pet: a drawing, a clay sculpture, a needlework project.
  • Have a professional portrait, sketch, or sculpture done of your pet. This can be done from a photograph. You can also have a photo of your pet transferred to a T-shirt, clock, button, or mug (google Pet Portraits by Bethany and The Pet Sketcher).
  • Keep whiskers or fur clipping and place in a locket.
  • Have fur spun to make yarn in order to knit/crochet something in memory of your pet.
  • Keep pet tags on your keychain so that you will always be carrying the memory of your special friend with you.
  • Have a plaque made to honor your pet. Place it in a special place—next to your pet’s ashes, on a tree near where your pet was buried, in the hospital where your pet was cared for.
  • Make a donation in memory of your pet to a special cause.
  • Volunteer your time at a humane organization and/or help find homes for strays and unwanted pets.
  • Plant a bush, shrub, tree, or flowers over or near location where body or ashes are buried.
  • Place a bench with an engraved nameplate and/or inscription beside where pet is buried.
  • Place ashes in a potted houseplant.
  • Scatter ashes in an area that was special to you and your pet.
  • Place ashes in a locket with your pet’s name engraved on locket.
  • Collect pet’s collars, tags, bowls, blankets and place in a special area in honor of your pet. Also place ashes, sympathy cards, etc., with them.
  • Send out cards with a photograph of your pet informing those close to you of your loss. Post a dedication on Facebook.
  • If your pet is not buried near you, take pictures of their grave and place these in a special spot which you can “visit.”
  • Rock, garden stone, burial marker
  • Various wood, metal, or photo urn options
  • Bury ashes in a special location
  • A piece of art done to depict your pet’s personality (Pet Portraits By Bethany or The Pet Sketcher)
  • A box to hold your pet’s paw print or a ribbon tied around a fur clipping
  • Locket jewelry to hold a bit of the pet’s ashes or fur (EternallyWithMe.com or JewelryKeepsakes.com)

Inscription ideas: Nicknames? A saying: “Our Beautiful Beau” “Forever In Our Hearts” “Our Beloved Maggie” “Until We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge” Dates: birth date/adoption date to death date

Websites for Keepsake & Memorial Products 

www.sketchgrowl.com  Hilarious, digital portraits of pets

www.squarezetties.com  SquareZetties are pet urn memorial pillows that are soft and cuddly.

www.arborday.org/shopping/treesForPets/ – Honor a special pet with the gift of trees.

www.celebrationsoflife.net  – Personalized books based on your animal’s own story

www.followthemuse.com – Garden stones and memorial cairns (rock sculptures)

www.foreverpets.com – Urns for dogs, cats, and horses

www.glasspetmemorials.com – Pet memorial paperweights that integrate cremains

www.hedbergaggregates.com – Pet memorial garden stones

www.petstepstoheaven.com  – Memorial stepping stones and benches

www.preciouspetmemorials.com – Natural stone pet urns and markers for your garden

www.perfectmemorials.com – Pet urns and caskets

www.petreliquaries.com – Hand-crafted mementoes designed to hold ashes, hair, or whiskers.

www.agelessmemorialurns.com  – Handcrafted, hardwood pet urns; personalization is available.

www.ashestoart.com – Design your own pottery urn

www.bestfriendservices.com – Animal urns, figurines, grave markers, and ash pendants

www.celebrationforest.com – Living memorials

www.cheerspottery.com – Custom-made ceramic urns

www.custompeturns.com – Custom-made sculpture urns19

www.doggiedoodles.com  – Custom-made stuffed animals in the likeness of your animal

www.furryangel.com  – Memorial candles and pictures frames

www.mytreasuredpetmemorials.com  – Death announcements and memorial cards

www.starwishing.com – Name-a-star memorials

www.petmemorial.net – Engraved stone with pet’s name