I made the difficult decision to end my fur baby’s suffering after she was diagnosed with kidney failure on Tuesday. Alexa rapidly declined from my energetic, bubbly baby to a lethargic shell of herself. She had lost weight and stopped eating and drinking. She seemed to look into my eyes asking for help! She sensed something was wrong. I called Dr. Darden on Saturday and scheduled an appointment on Sunday. She patiently answered all my questions and explained the process. She compassionately interacted with my pet to put us all at ease. Alexa even wagged her tail at her as if she sensed she was a friend. After allowing me and my family time to spend loving on Alexa for the last time, she assisted my pet to a painfree and peaceful passage over the rainbow bridge. Though my heart is broken to end the12 years spent with my baby, I cannot say enough positive things to express my gratitude to Dr. Darden making this process more bearable. Thank you again.