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We wanted to thank Dr. Tami for getting us a quick appointment and Dr. Bender for her compassion when we made the decision to euthanize our beloved pet Memphis. Even though our hearts are heavy with sadness , we feel the right decision was made at the right time. I would highly recommend these vets to anyone who needs to make the decision as we did.

Thank you! Rest in peace, Memphis!

Brown Dog

I cannot begin to say how wonderful Dr. Phil Whisnand was, from his Professional and caring manner from the first phone call, to after receiving our pets ashes. He made us feel like our pet loss was his loss too. Thank you Dr. Phil, You made the terrible loss of our pet, tolerable. Gods blessings.
Eddie and Deedee Perales

Our sweet dog Daisy was with us for 14 years. She was a part of our family, a sweet little girl who was always looking for treats and snuggles.
When we noticed her health was in decline and her quality of life was negatively impacted, we made the difficult decision to put her down. After our last experience putting down our senior dog at a vet’s office, we hoped there was a different option for us this time around. After doing some research, we were so thankful to find Dr. Mendelsohn. We contacted her, she returned a call promptly, she educated us about her services, and we made the appointment. While this decision was a difficult one, Dr. Mendelsohn made the process easier because she was such a compassionate vet. She was a consummate professional throughout the entire process. What ended up being just as important to us is that she helped us to feel seen, heard and valued through the process.  We could not have asked for anyone to be more respectful and kind to our dog Daisy. We were thankful for a different experience this time around, one that was very honoring to our beloved pet. If you are struggling with the decision but know that it is the most humane thing to do for your pet, we highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn.
Amber Edmond, OK

Our beloved 15 1/2 year old kitty had lymphoma. We knew it was her time and had actually scheduled with another in-home service for later in the week, but when things started to go downhill quickly, we needed to put her to sleep sooner. The service we’d planned to use didn’t have same-day availability, nor did several other services. We contacted Dr. Larson and she was able to come out to our house within a couple hours. She was so kind and compassionate, and the process was peaceful for our kitty. We couldn’t have asked for anything more and are so thankful Dr. Larson was able to help us on such short notice. It would have been devastating to watch our kitty suffer any longer or to have to bring her to an emergency vet.

Wonderful. Absolutely the best people in the world during this most heart wrenching time.
I just want to Thank Drs Allison and McInerney for their response to my voicemail with the upmost delicacy and heartfelt words.
Dr. Ayala was the kindest soul to help us walk our 14 year old baby Rylee over the rainbow bridge.
Thankyou to you all for doing this beautiful service.
Everything was perfect – and the beautiful wooden box his cremations came back in is also perfect.
Everything felt like it was done with LOVE.
I can’t recommend this enough to anyone considering this service.

I want to thank Christine so so much for everything today. Our baby girl Aries was recently diagnosed with cancer. Within a few months we had to make the decision to have our sweet girl laid to rest. Christine was so sweet and kind. Very compassionate and explained everything to us very kindly. She was amazing with giving us time to process everything as it was happening. We appreciate you Christine, you were an angel.

Thank you Sandra. As much pain as we are in we know we made the right decision. You were FANTASTIC and made a incredibly sad situation feel less sad. I will highly recommend you. You made everything bearable for us. Thank you for everything. You are truly an angel. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I can’t thank you enough for helping us say goodbye to Moxie. You made a day that I have been dreading very special. I feel complete peace in her passing, mostly because of your reassurance that it was time. Please keep up the great work!!!❤️❤️

Saying goodbye to my 13-year-old boy Stripes was not easy, but I’m glad he got the peaceful send off that he deserved. Dr. Johnny was incredibly patient and compassionate, and he made sure that Stripes was not afraid or in pain when it was time. Thanks for everything.

We are so grateful for the care and kindness Dr. Durfee showed us and our sweet “oldest son” Bentley. We have three young boys and Dr Durfee took time to explain to them what he was going to do and what to expect. He also gave us better understanding of heart failure. This gave us a lot of peace in our decision to not make Bentley suffer any longer. I would recommend Dr Durfee to anyone looking to say goodbye to their loved pet in the peace of their own home. Although we are mourning and miss our guy, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience letting him move on. Thanks again Dr Durfee for your kindness.
The Nielsen Family

Pet Loss at Home was extremely helpful in this devastating time. It was our sweet little angel’s time to go and while we are in a Pandemic, the wonderful vets at Gardens Animal Hospital were only allowing 1 person to go back with her. We just couldn’t accept that and decided to reach out to Pet loss at home. They were able to help us right away. Dr. Tracey was very kind, compassionate, and communicated everything clearly to us. It was the peaceful goodbye we needed. Thank you Dr. Tracey and Pet Loss at home for this service that you provide.

Brittney W.

I want to thank Christine for responding so quickly to my email when I asked for help. I spoke with her on the phone and she was so kind and explained everything in a way I could understand. It’s Sunday and they were able to come within a few hours to help end the suffering of my 11 1/2 year old boxer. He was my baby. He took a turn for the worse over night and this morning we knew he couldn’t suffer anymore. Dr. Dan Clayton came to my home and he was so kind and gentle. He explained what he was doing and let me hold my baby while he was going to sleep. It was very peaceful and I’m sad but relieved. I appreciate them and this organization. It was a great experience with them for such a terrible time.

Thank you for the message, and thank you again for fitting us in last minute. We love dogs and plan to have many more; though with this joy comes tough decisions like we had to make today. If we find ourselves with a similar need many years down the road, your business card will be our first call. Thank you again.

Thank you so much Sandra for your compassionate kindness and thoughtful words. You made a huge difference in a difficult time and I can’t thank you enough. It will be difficult, it always is. Just takes some time to heal. There will be another wonderful pet needing a good home tho and I will happily give them my love. They all deserve love and a good home. Thank you again for being so amazing and caring in what you do. Always, Judy ❤️ 🐶

Sandra, we would like to thank you for what you did for us yesterday. I now cannot imagine having Koda’s passing happen any other way. He left without stress and had his people with him in one of his favorite spots at home. For us, it was so very sad yes but, at the same time beautiful. I know you probably understand. Again, thank you for your caring heart, gentle nature for Koda and us and your true professionalism. You are truly a good person. Be well Sandra and blessings to you. Jeff & Kim.

Thank you, Sandra. I’m so thankful for you. I wouldn’t have thought to give him ice cream but I can’t explain the comfort it gives me knowing in his final moments the pain subsided and he felt very rewarded for a life well lived. 💞

Thank you for your kind words. You made something so incredibly hard, beautiful.

Dog with flowers

Dr. Holly made our difficult day as calm and peaceful as possible. She was professional, kind and very patient as we said goodbye to our sweet girl. Thank you Dr. Holly 💗


We would like to thank Dr Ken Simpson for being so kind and understanding when came to our home to put our beautiful Zoey to sleep and took away her pain. We cannot thank him enough. He is truly an extremely kind and compassionate person.

I do appreciate your deeply compassionate care for my girl And for your kind words for me as I was worried about how I’d handled it- like I’m sure many others feel, I wish I had one more day with her Warm regards – Cynthia

‘Thank you so much Dr Coon, Joan and I really appreciate how thoughtful and professional you have been while helping us through all this “

Jamie came to us from a kill shelter, starved, shutting down, unresponsive to the people there, and full of scars, so a call out on Facebook was sent to see if anyone was willing to take him home and see if he would come around.  From the first moment I saw his picture I was in love, there was just something about him. When he finally came out of his shell, Jamie was the most goofy, loving, and brilliant soul I have ever had the honor to know. He loved life, from hiking and playing at the barn, to snuggling on the couch with us and his favorite teddy bear. He was also an expert bed hog! A piece of my heart flew away when he left us. Hail our little traveler until we meet again. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Pietchmann for the gentleness and support she showed when we had to put Jamie down.

My friend recommended Dr. Durfee to help us cross our beautiful Bailey girl over to the rainbow bridge. I sent him a text on a Thursday afternoon and he came that evening. He showed sympathy, listened to what we wanted/needed, was extremely respectful and patient, gave us as much time as we needed alone with her, explained the process, allowed us to ask questions, answered all of our questions, and demonstrated so much care for her and us. He made the most heartbreaking experience peaceful. He has text back and forth with us since that day to answer questions and help us grieve. No words can express our gratitude. Thank you, Dr. Durfee!

Thank you Dr. Coon. You made his passing peaceful for both he and I. I miss Tux’s presence and caring for him terribly. He was my strength and partner for a over a decade. I am so grateful to have had his devotion. We had a great run together and used our time together to the fullest. He will be in my heart forever, never replaced. Maureen

Thank you so much Sandra. She’s been buried at her home under a beautiful cherry blossom tree. We rescue and love a lot of kitties in need now and I’ll definitely keep you as my number one contact for these hard times, as well as refer all my friends. I really appreciate how quickly you were able to come out. I was so afraid I’d have to take her out of her comfortable place so she didn’t keep suffering. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home

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