Testimonials to help share others’ experiences

“Today was an extremely tough day for our family (who has already been through a lot of loss recently). We lost our 13.5 year old best friend.

I absolutely cannot speak more highly of Dr. Darden. She was so kind and compassionate to our dog as well as my young children and me. The process was very relaxed, peaceful, and calm. She took very good care of my dog in his final moments and made sure he was comfortable before passing.

I highly recommend for anyone having to make the tough decision to have their pet put down. Having them peaceful within the comfort of their home is priceless.”

“When my husband and I came home from work Wednesday May 17th our boxer had taken a turn for the worse and we had to make the hard decision of what we were going to do. He would of been 11 years old in August and he was an all white boxer. He started losing his hearing, eye sight and he had bad arthritis. On top of all of that he was throwing up and had diarrhea which lead to him not wanting to eat or drink and he lost a lot of weight. I sent a message to Dr. Donald Shields and he called to discuss everything. He came out the next morning to help Curious transition to a pain free life over the rainbow bridge. Dr. Shields was so nice and compassionate and explained each and every step. We are so thankful he was able to help our baby.”

T”he worst part of having a dog is when the time comes to say goodbye. Our sweet Chance crossed the rainbow bridge last week, and we are struggling to adjust to life without a pup who was affectionate, smart, and a constant companion. I can’t express how wonderful Dr. Holly Pietschmann was in helping us through the goodbye process. She was the perfect mix of caring, compassionate, and competent, knowing when to help and when to give space. This was a terribly difficult time to navigate, but being in our own home where Chance was happy and comfortable, and with Dr. Holly’s help, it was peaceful. I’m so grateful.”


💔🐾🌈🐾💔The hardest thing a fur parent will ever have to do is to recognize and be selfless when your kid no longer has a good quality of life, and do the right thing. When Oreo crossed the bridge on April 30th 2023, Pet Loss at Home was the most wonderful caring business ever, very very compassionate and amazing and understanding while I made the tough decision during the week before. 💞 Dr. Carrie Moore was extremely patient and kind with me and those last moments. She even made sure that we got the perfect paw print in clay by trimming his little toe beans. I received a personalized card from her a few days later, expressing her deepest condolences, above and beyond what I ever expected. Oreo originally showed up on my doorstep in 2014, the day after I got three ten week old kittens. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t take him in at that time, but I persuaded my elderly neighbor who had lost her husband and was lonely to take him in so they could be companions for each other. He had six great years with her, getting dressed up in pearls and drinking white wine 🍷He never really knew how to be a real cat, but my 2 derps tried to teach him the ropes when I took him in after she could no longer take care of him. He wasn’t in the best of shape, but my two cats took him in and we gave him the best life ever for the 2 1/2 years that he was with us. We called him OG (Old Guy, Original Gangsta) and Possum. He was tiny, but bossy, knowing exactly what he wanted, including having the bathroom faucet trickling at all times for him to drink water at his leisure. But he got cancer of the jawbone, and it was eating him from the inside out, making him waste away and suffer. May you rest in peace, my sweet little Ro Ro, we love and miss you 💔🐾🌈🐾💔
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“Excellent and timely communication and Dr. Darden is very compassionate. Because of this I was able to give my cat a respectful passing at home.”

“Our beautiful Labrador Retriever had a very terrible accident on Easter Saturday, which forced us to make the decision all pet parents dread. Finding an in home vet to come that weekend was emotionally challenging. Dr.Darden not only answered our late Sat.Night call on Sunday morning, but came that afternoon. Our girl peacefully left surrounded by her family in her own home. Dr. Darden is so calm and kind. We will never forget that day and her kindness.”

“We are thankful & blessed that our Great Dane Gracie made it through a very tough weekend and is on the mend.  I want to let you know that Maryann was exceptional with her passion and patience.  I called 3x’s over the weekend to have your service (which we’ve used for 5 previous senior Danes) and then to cancel.
Your organization is top notch and I share with everyone that comes to helping their pet cross the rainbow bridge.  It’s so much more peaceful for your pet, if you are able to have your service done at home! “
Thank you Rob!

Dear Dr. Danton,

Want to thank you so very much for helping my little girl, Tasha, move on to a better place.  I appreciate you returning my call and coming out to my house on such short notice.  You were so calm, kind – your demeanor helped me get through relieving Tasha of her miseries. Thank you for your expertise and gentleness.  It’s fortunate that you were the one that responded to us.  You’re truly a fairy godmother.


“If you’re reading this review, you might be having one of the worst days of your life. I was there just a few days ago. I knew it was time to make the call. I received a voicemail inviting a text message. After already making a few courageous calls with my voice cracking, It was a welcome change to be able to correspond via text and set up an appointment with Dr. Mary Ann.
She arrived when she said she would, greeted me with compassion, and showed such respect for my babies even as my other kitty so rudely invaded her space. She explained everything that she was going to do, what could happen, and made sensitive accommodations for my pet and myself. Through her professionalism, my 17 year old kitty had a peaceful death and is now at rest. There was no car ride, no scary dogs barking in the next room, no judgmental eyes to in the waiting room, no tears in my eyes as I drove home with an empty carrier, and everyone (including the naughty aforementioned kitty) was able to be there for him.
I liked how the cost was transparent on the website. I didn’t feel blindsided after I booked. I cannot comment on the process for receiving the remains yet.
I know the pain you’re feeling right now and the courage it takes to make an appointment. As I reflect on the loss of my kitty, I am comforted to know that Dr. Mary Ann and I was able to give him a good death. Hopefully this review can give you a little confidence that booking with this team gave me great comfort when we needed them. I have included a picture of my kitty hopefully as he exists now, restored to health and vigor.”

“It has taken me a long time to be able to formulate my words about my grief. I lost my precious boy, Bear, in October, 2022. It was the worst day of my life. It’s especially hard to lose a pet because the one I would typically turn to for consoling is the one departing. I called Dr. Teague one day to give him a heads up of Bear’s likely final week. That night, Bear took a turn. I contacted Dr. Teague the next morning on a Saturday. He was there in a few hours and helped us say goodbye to our beloved cat. Dr. Teague was patient, respectful, soft toned, and gracious. We are so fortunate we were able to find Dr. Teague.”


“Having to end the life of a beloved pet is a decision that made me feel like a callous, unfeeling corpse. I can’t fathom what it must be like to be the one administering the final shot that separates us from the pets we love.

I was in awe of Christine’s unwavering empathy and care; it is almost supernatural to see someone who can bear the burden of despair that can come from true acts of love.

Because of her service, I can look at beloved Siebren’s passing as an expression of my deep affection. I will always be reminded of her generosity when I think of him because she helped someone so dear to me.”

Dr. Holly was so caring and empathic to all of us during a very difficult time. She made the experience easier to get through. She was patient and kind, letting us take as much time as we needed. We highly recommend Dr. Holly and Pet Loss at Home.

“Dear Laurelle,

Thank you so much for making a very sad and nerve racking experience such a pleasant one!  Your patience and compassion was exceptional!

We need more people like you in this work.  Our pets mean so much to us, we feel helpless and guilty having to make a decision to end our happiness with them, hoping they will bounce back!

The weeks go by and they aren’t getting better then everyone looks and says it’s time.  It’s words aren’t what you want to hear!  Thank you for acting quickly not to prolong our pet’s pain!

I’m forever grateful!  You’re an angel!  I will surely recommend you to Family and Friends!”

“Dr. Carrie Moore was just what we needed for going through euthanasia for our Greyhound, Chaise. At only 7yrs old, and diagnosed with osteosarcoma, we knew this would be difficult for our family.
Dr. Moore walked us through each step of the euthanasia process, was patient and let us be there for Chaise during each step.
Thank you Dr. Moore for making this difficult time a little easier for us.”

“Our dog Luke started to decline fast after being diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 16. We knew the time would come and were dreading every second of it. I did not know where to start when looking for options and Luke never liked going to the vet so my family really wanted to have him pass at home. Dr. Christina Kinkade is an absolute angel. Within a day he started to decline fast & we started to get nervous that option to have him home with us when he passed would not be possible due to such short notice. Dr. Kinkade answered my call at 830pm and schedule an appointment with us next day. In the morning Luke unfortunately was doing even worse and we were scared he wouldn’t survive the morning. She came right away and answering my text at 6am. My gratitude for her goes beyond words. She made the experience so peaceful & gave my family such closure that we were able to let him pass at home surround by his family. Her sincerity will never be forgotten. Thank you for giving us some peace during such a difficult time. If you are struggling what a decision on what to do, I would look no further. It was the best decision we could have made to call Dr. Christina Kinkade.”


Hi Rob,

I wanted to write and say thank you. Thank you for providing the most useful information I’ve read in regard to pet euthanasia.
Our Max is 15 and has a tumour on his toe, but we don’t know if it’s spread, or whether we amputate, or do tests to see if it’s cancerous and spread before we amputate. He does have arthritis, too – he’s getting skinny and bony, pants, licks, has trouble getting up and down, slips over, won’t let us groom him, and has recently started eliminating inside. But he is also exactly as your article describes – still alert, still eats, his tail wags. It wasn’t an “obvious” decision – I thought it would be much clearer to know “when the time is right” for euthanasia. I actually had to ask the vet if I was being selfish or over-concerned if we considered euthanasia. She said no, but I still felt like maybe we were cutting him off early. They never actually recommended it as an option for him.
I’ve done the quality of life scales – and it still wasn’t clear to me. He wasn’t “the worst”.
We decided that tomorrow evening, we would euthanase, but I still felt guilty and plagued with doubt. But reading your description of an old dog with arthritis – exactly describes him and his quality of life (or lack thereof). And I finally realised he is in significant pain and the meds and the antibiotics for his toe aren’t working anymore. He needs us to relieve him of his pain, probably about least a month ago.
So thank you. I can move forward knowing we are absolutely doing the best thing for him. He will have lots of hugs and treats and be with his pack as he goes off to sleep. I hope to share your very helpful advice because it was only luck that I stumbled over it, and I think it could help so many people.

“Dr. Christine Scott is amazing. We had our cat Teddy for 19 years…it was very hard to have to say goodbye…he was my baby 😪😪 She made a very sad, difficult situation for us so much easier. She was so compassionate but yet professional. She talked to us! Didn’t rush and answered all of our questions. It takes a special kind of person to do what she does and I will be forever grateful for having chosen her to help us through this difficult time. I would definitely recommend at home euthanasia with her!”


“Dr. Christine Scott, I can’t thank you enough for your kind, understanding, and peaceful service you provided for my Winston in my home. I felt very calm the entire time, and reassured and informed through the entire process. I have never had such an amazing experience with a vet. I know Winston felt the same.”

Thank you. Highly recommend.


“There are no words to express how thankful I am for Dr. Danton. From the start she was extremely kind, understanding, supportive, and patient with us during one of the hardest times of our lives. She walked us through the process and helped educate us on what signs to look out for. She has the most kind heart for animals and their owners.
Thank you Dr. Danton for your patience and guidance through the hard time we went through. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.”


“So highly recommended Dr. Christina Kinkade of petlossathome.com we were so fortunate to find her after what seemed like a zillion phone calls… she drove with her family home from visiting New Jersey today and then drove 40 minutes to my house. Her kindness and compassion were beyond anything I have ever seen. She was respectful our loved 19 year old Calico – and my daughter and me.  She made a tough day and time easier because of her “couch side manner”.

Our Copper was just weeks from his 11th birthday and he had what we suspect was a stroke. I called and Dr. Phil answered. He knew it was bad and came over in less than 2 hours. He was amazing from the second he came in the door. He made the most difficult day so peacefully. I think him from the bottom of my heart!


“My 13 year old Star was sick with cancer. I did not want her last moments filled with unfamiliar faces and a cold sterile environment. My son and I wanted her to be peaceful and at home. Dr. Ong made that happen for us. Dr.Ong returned my call quickly and showed so much empathy for us with this hard decision. She even allowed our other kitty, Jet to say goodbye. I am grateful for this service.”

Baby Girl

“I can not say enough about doctor phil whisnand. He was amazing. Beyond amazing. He reassured me I was making the right decision. He was so peaceful and patient. He was gentle with my baby girl. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate him. Thank u so much for your compassion and care during this hard time. 💜

Baby Girl

“I can not say enough about doctor phil whisnand. He was amazing. Beyond amazing. He reassured me I was making the right decision. He was so peaceful and patient. He was gentle with my baby girl. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate him. Thank u so much for your compassion and care during this hard time.” 💜