Testimonials to help share others’ experiences

“My partner and I are grateful for Dr. Bender services. She was able to accommodate us on short notice when no one else could. She did a wonderful job explaining the process before we said goodbye to our boy. With her help, he was able to die peacefully at home in the warmth of the morning sun.”

“I can’t express enough how incredible Dr. Mary Ann Bender is! We had already had arrangements with a different group but my sweet girl just wasn’t going to make it and they had no other open appointments. I called Dr. Mary Ann and she said in her voicemail to leave a text. She responded almost instantly and was so accommodating! Not only did she make time to come to my home within hours that I first called her but she took her time in explaining everything and chatting a bit while waiting for our daughter to arrive. Her experience and knowledge was superior and outstanding!

I have had three pet losses over the years, first one in the vet’s office, the last two done at home. Having the opportunity to have your sweet pet cross the rainbow bridge in the privacy of your home is by far the best experience you could give your pet. It is a heartbreaking decision to make and Pet Loss at Home and Dr. Mary Ann Bender was the best choice I made for my girl.

If you are faced with this unbearable decision rest assure they will help you and make every last minute with your pet count. They explain everything from cost to how the procedure is done and how your pet will react to the meds that are given as well as aftercare. They give you a paw print and lock of hair.”

“When we concluded that our beloved Luna’s time had come, we knew we couldn’t take her to the vet’s office. Through some karmic Google searching, we found Dr. Lou Huzella in Frederick, MD. From our first contact through helping carry her body to his car, we knew we had found the right person to help us with this difficult, but necessary, task.

I have always felt it is my sacred duty as a pet owner to make the difficult decision my pet can’t. While I’ve done this before, it was always in a vet’s office. We made a special request of Dr. Lou with respect to time and location, and he didn’t hesitate to accommodate us. Luna made her transition on her terms, and ours.

No fuss, no struggle for Luna. No stress, anxiety or regret for us.

It was as joyous and beautiful as something so sad could possibly be.

There is nothing we would change about our experience.

Dr. Lou (and others like him) is doing sacred work by bringing his very special and unique gift directly to the pet owner and the pet. His generosity, compassion, and care for both pet and owners are evident.

If you find yourself struggling with this decision, struggle no more.”


“On 1/30 I contacted Laps of love regarding my 12 year old black lab JACK – unfortunately they didn’t have any openings until the end of the week and referred me to pets loss at home – I contacted them immediately and left a message for Dr Donna Oleary . She called me back immediately and asked what was going on . I explained Jack was peeing / pooping / throwing up blood on the floor was not walking and fell that morning . She was at my house within an hour and was so compassionate to our family and Jack as well . DR OLEARY came into my house after speaking to me outside explained everything to myself and my family what was going to take place , sat on the floor with Jack and talked to him and pet him – she made his crossing over the rainbow bridge so easy for him and us . She stayed on the floor with him the whole time and kept telling him it was ok . She was so compassionate in our difficult time . Dr Oleary said we should have jacks ashes back on Saturday 2/3 with a possibility of the following Saturday 2 /10. Saturday 2/3 I recieved a text stating Jack will be back home with us between 12-4- I explained I would be out for a few hours and if we could do it closer to 4:00. Dr Oleary brother in law was gracious enough to push off dropping off Jack until about 6:00pm . I can’t say enough nice things about Dr Donna Oleary from the minute I spoke to her that morning until she left she was very nice and comforting . Before she left she kept giving me hugs . A few days after my family recieved a sympathy card from Dr Oleary in the mail . Thank you Dr Oleary for everything on 1/30 .”


“Dr. Arnold was the answer to my prayers- literally. Having to put down my childhood best friend 4 1/2 months shy of her 21st birthday was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I knew that I wanted someone to come to the house so that Pokey would have a dignified, peaceful passing. Dr. Arnold not only got back to me right away after my initial inquiry, he followed up with me a few times afterward- truly unheard of in the veterinary industry. This experience broke my heart but it was also very beautiful and perfect. Thank you Dr. Arnold, I am forever in your debt.”


“Our sweet baby girl, Gladys, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. It escalated so quickly we had so little time to setup the appointment that no one ever wants to have to schedule. We had to call around to find someone that could do it same day. Dr Teague reached out immediately and was available later that day. He was very professional and personable. He let us take our time saying goodbye and explained the process start to finish. Saying goodbye was the hard part. Dr Teague made everything else so easy. I highly recommend Pet Loss at Home for at-home euthanasia. And honestly, this experience made me realize I will never do it at a vets office. Our baby was happy and comfy for all of it and was not scared like she would have been at a vets office. She fell asleep at peace and passed peacefully.”

Thank you Dr Teague!


“The hardest part of having pets is when the time has come to let them go. It’s a huge responsibility, but one I have always taken seriously with my many pets through the years. However, losing my sweet Angel was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. She was my “heart” dog, my “soul” dog. I’ve always taken my pets to the vet when the time has come for them, but I just couldn’t do that with Angel. I didn’t want her last memory to be of walking into a vet’s office, so I was happy to find out about Pet Loss at Home through my vet’s office, and arrangements were made for Dr. Carol Ong to come to my house. When I called her that it was “time”, she was able to come to my house later that same morning. She took care of arranging transport as well.

She was prompt, and very respectful of the whole situation. She treated Angel with gentleness and kindness, and helped her with that final “sleep’. I was so glad I could do that one last indulgence for the dog who had been such an important part of my life for 10 years. She was a Diva, a Princess, and she deserved to be at home, in her safe place, and with the people she loved at her side.

Dr. Ong has a tough job, but she handled it with kindness and dignity. I appreciate that.”

“Absolutely blown away by our experience! Dr. Tammy was AMAZING.. She was phenomenal with our tiny Yorkie and reassured us we were making the right decision. So glad we did this at home. My 14 year old daughter stayed through the process and Dr Tammy explained everything in detail. Outstanding! Don’t hesitate to use them if you find your pet needing their services.”

“We unfortunately had to put our furbaby Sugar down . Dr.Darden was so sweet and understanding and made it possible for us to do this in Sugars home where she could be comfortable and surrounded by family. Thank Dr Darden for such a quick response to our call.”


“I cannot thank Dr. Coon enough for the compassion she showed our family today. This was literally the hardest call I’ve ever made and it took a couple weeks of me calling and hanging up before I was able to find the courage to make the call. Our poor Bella suffered way longer than she should’ve because I just couldn’t do it and Dr. Coon was amazing and compassionate every step of the way! She immediately put all the guilt i was feeling aside and she was knowledgeable and comforting every step of the way. This is never going to be an easy decision but she made me feel like my feelings were important and my daughter had a chance to love and say goodbye on her own terms. I can’t thank Dr. Coon enough for the compassion she showed our family today! This is a service that you hope you never need but know you’re in great hands when you do.”

“We are so grateful for your in-home service.  The vet was very caring and informed us all of what to expect.  Your service allowed our kitty to be in the comfort of his own home and to make his passing as least stressful as possible, surrounded by those who loved him most.  Thank you again, and I would very much recommend to you to others.”


“I wanted to reach out and say thank you to Dr Lou for being so kind, supportive and flexible while we had to say goodbye to our cat Carmel. It was over the Thanksgiving weekend and a hard time to let go of our 20 year old cat. Dr Lou helped us in such a calm and reassuring way and I will forever be grateful he was there during a difficult time.
Pet Loss at Home, but mostly, Dr Lou truly helped make the transition a little easier.”


“I couldn’t have asked for a kinder more compassionate vet to help my boy cross the rainbow bridge on 12/20/23. Dr. Darden is amazing. When I got him back I was amazed at all she brought back with him and I’m very appreciative for all she did.”

“You owe it to your pet to get this service❤️ they are truly amazing people who want nothing more than to help you and your pet”

“It has only been a little over a week since our Zoey left us, but I felt it necessary to write this testimonial. Dr. Shields provided a caring, empathetic and safe space for her to pass. The devastation is real and he understands that. Initially, she lost the use of her back legs, but the next day she was walking normal. When I called Dr. Shields, he said “I think she has more time.” He was right and we got more than an additional week with her. Once she couldn’t walk for two days, he agreed it was time. He came right away, no waiting, no anxiety he got to our house two hours later. He tolerated her growling, scratches and attempting to bite, she was scared and that killed me but I’ve had to say goodbye to previous pets in an office, this was much more personal and better for her. I cry every day because I miss her so, Dr. Shields made this awful event that much easier and left us with a paw print and her ashes were returned in a timely manner in a beautiful urn. Thank you Dr. Shields!”


“We love our pets so deeply that making the decision to say goodbye is one of the hardest we ever make. Dr. Christina Kincade from Pet Loss at Home truly helped us get through the experience with compassion, kindness and knowledge. Being able to gently send our 10- year old Berner on his way from his favorite spot at home was an extraordinary gift. I would strongly recommend Pet Loss at Home to any pet parent at the end of their pet’s life.”

“The Vet was so kind and gentle with my Maggie!  I love that I was not rushed to say goodbye and the vet was so compassionate.  I definitely recommend that people turn to your business when having to put their pets down at home.”

“Dr. Ong, thank you for your compassion and professionalism. Saying good bye to our family dog was incredibly difficult for everyone, but you walked us through the process and gave us time to grieve and celebrate.”

Dr. Teague came to our home to help us say goodbye to our beloved Trigger. He was personable, patient & caring, instantly putting us at ease. He explained the process & allowed us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. Trigger just fell asleep & went peacefully, which was my biggest worry. Triggers ashes were returned a week later in the most beautiful sealed wooden box engraved with his name. I couldn’t recommend a better doctor than Dr. Teague & couldn’t be happier with the service he provided during such a heart-wrenching and difficult time. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


“It has been over a year since we bid a sweet farewell to our dear cat, Ollie.  To say that Dr. Innis made the sad task easier is an understatement. She checked Ollie gently and thoroughly. She gave us our options and explained all the steps of each. Her patience waiting for us to decide was such a kindness. We could not have made our decision to let him go on his way without Dr. Innis’ gentleness and of course medical expertise. He was a companion for decades and will always be remembered as the gentle, quirky foundling kitty who was our dear little pal. We will always miss and love him – Lynn”


“We adopted Porter when she was 3 years old from Maxfund in Denver. She enjoyed 15 wonderful years with our family. She started having issues walking when she turned 18. 7 months later our family woke up and found Porter unable to get up or stand by herself. We contacted Pet Loss at Home that morning and were able to get an appointment the next morning. Porter was spoiled rotten the entire day (bacon, stake and lots of love). The doctor was very compassionate and understanding. He made Porter comfortable and we all held her as she passed on to her next life. When the doctor brought her ashes back they were in a beautiful wooden box with her name engraved on the side. I can’t thank you enough for your compassion and caring in helping our Porter girl find her peace.”
Thank you and God bless.


“Dr. Kinkade was amazing. She was perfectly caring and professional. We were able to make arrangements quickly and easily – she called in response to my email within minutes and we subsequently texted to confirm final plans. Our yellow lab, Baxter, was even excited to see her when he sensed her presence in the house a couple hours later. She immediately gave him a big hug and we knew he was in good hands. So grateful for this service, to have those final precious moments in the comfort of home, spoiling our pup with his favorite foods and watching him fall asleep in peace. I can’t thank Dr. Kinkade enough and I highly recommend utilizing this service whenever possible.”

“I had to euthanize my cat who was only about to turn five years old due to acute renal failure. It was absolutely devastating. Dr. Carrie Moore was amazing, though, and I’m very happy I wound up using this service. My cat was able to pass away peacefully on my lap, and that meant the world to me rather than having it done in a vet clinic. The empathy and sensitivity of Dr. Moore made the horrifying experience a little more bearable. The next time I have to make the dreadful decision, I would not hesitate to use this service again.

“I just wanted to let you know that Maryanne did an AMAZING job for me. She went over & beyond when I didn’t hear back quick enough from the vet (I was just being impatient under the circumstances). I know how businesses work but if she’s up for a review/raise, I truly hope you consider giving her a little extra because she has earned it.

Genuinely hard working people are hard to find these days and she’s a keeper! 🙂

I also posted a review on Yelp because I will definitely be referring Pet Loss at Home to my fellow animal owners.”

Best regards,

Megan Stout