Testimonials to help share others’ experiences

Baby Girl

“I can not say enough about doctor phil whisnand. He was amazing. Beyond amazing. He reassured me I was making the right decision. He was so peaceful and patient. He was gentle with my baby girl. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate him. Thank u so much for your compassion and care during this hard time.” 💜

“Found out my kitty had cancer at the end of November, he made it until January 25th 2023. I didn’t want to have him put to sleep in our “cold” vets office, besides he HATED going to vets!! Found this service online made a call and they were so caring and compassionate with all my questions answered. When the time came, I made that sobbing phone call that he is not doing well at all and it needed to be done today. Received the call back from Dr. Carrie and she came out in a few hours of initial call, very pleased with how she was so kind to my kitty, and a nice clay paw print to remember him by!!💜💜💜💜

Dear Dr. Danton,

Thank you for being with us on our last day with Spottyboy.  We wouldn’t have wished it any other way.  Thank you for all of the kindness and compassion you’ve shown.  Have a Happy Holidays!

With Love, Terri & Kristin


“Dr. Alicia Darden came to my house to transcend my pet Coco, in 2020. She was kind and very compassionate. She eased and comforted me during this transition. She just does’nt know how her comfort and reassurance made me feel. I felt guilty, but I made the right decision. Because my fur baby was suffering and it’s hard to let them go. Kudo’s to you Dr. Darden. I can’t thank you enough!!!”


It was time, but I was not ready. My boy was suffering so much. In his 13 years, Fred got me through so many hard times; the very long illness of a spouse taken too young, the loss of a mother the following year, then the unexpected passing of a father the next. Fred was a constant companion; providing comfort, love, joy, and strength. I wasn’t ready, I couldn’t lose him too. But when I looked into his eyes, I saw both his love and suffering. The cancer was taking him away from me.

That is when I found Say Goodbye at Home and Dr Hill. It was with Dr Hill’s assistance and compassion that Fred and I said goodbye for now. Having opportunity to go through this in our home, with my arms around Fred, did not make it any less painful, but Fred was comfortable and at ease. It was all about him not having to travel to the vet nervous and frightened to begin his next journey. There is no way to better say goodbye to a pet that is such an important part of our lives. Dr Hill is the perfect person to assist us in times like these.

“We’ve had to say goodbye to two of our eldery fur babies over the last few months and we are beyond grateful for Dr. Darden. She is very emotionally intellligent, making a painful situation a little calmer and easier. She treated our pets with the utmost respect. On both occasions she responded to our inquiries within 30 mins, answered all of our questions, and arrived on time. She will clearly and compassionately guide you through the process. Dr. Darden is deeply appreciated by our family.”

“Dr. Scott was amazing, and more then I could have wished for the passing of my beloved Sascha. Thank you Dr Scott you are doing an amazing service for our beloved pets”


“With broken hearts we said farewell to our beloved 13 year old girl. Macy came into our lives when my boys were young and she was such an important part of our family. Thank you Dr. Kinkade for helping her pass peacefully in our arms.”


“Today I lost my best friend Layla.  We just wanted to thank you for being so kind and gentle, not only with her but with us.”

Thank you

“I just wanted to say that Dr. Tracey Decter was amazing. She kindly helped my family including my younger children whom wanted to be a part of the process. Thank you for sending her to us. It was the best outcome for our situation.”


“There are no amount of words that can truly express the absolute thanks and gratitude I have for Dr. Darden. Dixie was my soulmate and the other half of me for the past 14 years. This year was a struggle for her and I did everything I could to keep her longer. It finally got to a point that I realized that her quality of life wasn’t fair to her, or me. Watching her decline was absolutely devastating. I’m forever thankful to the peaceful passing I was able to give her thanks to Dr. Darden. I honestly believe Dixie knew that day and was beyond ready. It was the most peaceful, and quick experience. I will continue to grieve her for the rest of my life, but know she will forever be with me.”

Dr. Danton,

“Ron and I wanted to thank you so much for your support and compassion with our Marley. It’s never easy saying goodbye to our family pet members, but your presence made it easier.”

Bless you,


“Dear Dr. Laurelle,

We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and compassion during Shiloh’s final moments.  We will plant the marigold seeds in his honor and speaking of future memories, Dick couldn’t bear living in a house without a dog, so we now have a front-end tripod 2 yr. old little boy we named, “Tres” to keep us laughing and very busy!”

Thank you again for your loving care,

Patty and Richard Danforth

“Dr. MaryAnn Bender was so kind and compassionate when we had to put our little Jinx down after 14 years of love, and devotion. She sat on the floor with us, and explained everything, and it was very peaceful and painless for our little girl. One of the hardest decisions to make, was made easier with MaryAnn. We received a beautiful card in the mail afterward. We would definitely recommend her for anyone having to make that painful decision.”


Dr. Padgelek fit us in at the last minute at the end of the day, so we didn’t have to make our girl, Cayenne suffer any longer. She was professional, caring, explained everything while giving us the time to absorb and give us time to slowly transition our girl over the rainbow bridge. Thanks for being so helpful and understanding during this difficult time.

“Dr. Teague was so compassionate and patient with us. He explained everything and there was no rush. We were able to help our Dane pass comfortably. Thank you for taking care of my best girl Charlie.”


“Sweet Scrappy of Gloucester, VA was truly a valued family member. He enjoyed being fussed over by everyone, and he was included in all family activities. He was almost 17 years old when he received a diagnosis of a tumor on his spleen recently. His family was concerned about his quality of life. Today, surrounded by his large family and showered in tears, he peacefully gained his angel wings. Fly high, sweet boy!


Pet Loss at Home with Dr. Tami made a terrible day less stressful and more peaceful for our faithful furry family member “Fluffy”. Fluffy was over 17 years old and being able to provide her with a peaceful transition without the stress of traveling while she was so ill made all the difference for our family. Dr. Tami was able to accommodate coming out the same day and at a time that allowed all of us to be present to provide love and comfort for our Fluffy. Dr. Tami was very kind and compassionate and explained everything she was doing along the way. She took a paw print mold and shaved some fur for us to remember our sweet kitty. Our kids were 7 and 9 years old when this kitty came into our family. As they sat on the couch (Fluffy’s favorite place), our daughter at 24 years old was able to hold her childhood cat and provide love and comfort as she entered eternal rest. Being able to provide this service for our family pet made all the difference for us. We are very grateful for Dr. Tami and Pet Loss at Home for easing our pain and providing a peaceful transition for our family member.
May you continue to provide comfort to others! Thank you
The Bigler Family


We had to make the tough choice to help our “goodest boy”, Winston, transition to his heavenly home.

Dr. Kinkade allowed us the time to share Winnie’s story. How he came to our home, the loss of his fur best friend a couple years ago, and his quick decline. We also have twin 8 year old boys and another dog. She explained the process to our boys and made a suggestion to have his golden best friend present so she could say goodbye and know that he was gone.

The process was so peaceful and she walked us through everything. She even let us take the time we needed after he passed to say goodbye. I’d recommend Dr. Kinkade to all my friends and family. At home euthanasia is definitely the way to go.

“My name is Paul Westin and I just had to make the toughest decision in my life. Our beloved dog Maggie at 14 years of age developed mast cell cancer and was suffering. The decision to peacefully take her from her pain was our only option but one that would prove to be emotionally heart breaking.

After speaking to four different veterinarians that offered at home euthanasia I choose (Dr. Carrie Moore). Dr. Moore was unbelievable at taking us through this process, kind, thoughtful, gentle and very professional. She gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye to our Maggie and she made sure that she suffered no pain during this process. Dr. Moore helped us in our darkest hour with compassion I have not seen in a long time.”

I would like to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for being there for us!

Sincerely, Paul & Cindy Westin

“Dr. Mendelsohn was an angel during this very emotional time. Of course, our dog’s health declined significantly in a matter of two days that ended up falling on a weekend. Our son had a baseball tournament (which he made to the championship) and it caused scheduling distress.  Dr. Mendelsohn was very understanding in changing the time last minute and so helpful.

When she arrived, she gave so much love and positive energy to our Daisy. It was such a calm and relaxing experience in our own backyard. She eased our pain by asking about Daisy as a puppy and she told us everything to expect, so we wouldn’t be needlessly traumatized.
I would highly recommend to anyone who wants an intimate and calming experience, without the stress of a busy vet’s office. It was well worth it and I know Daisy appreciated one less visit to the vet. Thank you Dr. Mendelsohn.”
Norman, OK

Our 10 year old Rottweiler, Shiva, had masses inside her abdomen, lungs and liver. She stopped eating and was declining. I called the service and received a callback from Dr. Kincaid. We spoke on the phone for a good amount of time and we made an appointment.

Dr. Kincaid arrived at the appointed time and my family spoke with her. She evaluated our girl and informed us of her recommendation. We agreed as a family that we would put our girl out of pain.

We decided that we would do it in the front yard where it was shady and she would be on the grass under the tree. Dr. Kincaid explained what she was going to do and we stayed with our girl to the very end. Dr. Kincaid told us to take our time saying goodbye.

This was one of the hardest days of my life but Dr. Kincaid made it less stressful for us and especially for my girl.

If our pets have a guardian angel it is Dr. Kincaid and Pet Loss at Home.

Thank you.


Thank you to Dr. Christine Scott for allowing Grace to be as comfortable as she could possibly be outside at our home. We are forever grateful.


Dr.Rosenberg was so compassionate and truly professional. Having him come in and explain everything as he guided us through one of the hardest decisions we have had to make with our pug. His level of compassion is truly amazing and I’m thankful that we were able to have him come to our home.