Testimonials to help share others’ experiences


“We adopted Porter when she was 3 years old from Maxfund in Denver. She enjoyed 15 wonderful years with our family. She started having issues walking when she turned 18. 7 months later our family woke up and found Porter unable to get up or stand by herself. We contacted Pet Loss at Home that morning and were able to get an appointment the next morning. Porter was spoiled rotten the entire day (bacon, stake and lots of love). The doctor was very compassionate and understanding. He made Porter comfortable and we all held her as she passed on to her next life. When the doctor brought her ashes back they were in a beautiful wooden box with her name engraved on the side. I can’t thank you enough for your compassion and caring in helping our Porter girl find her peace.”
Thank you and God bless.


“Dr. Kinkade was amazing. She was perfectly caring and professional. We were able to make arrangements quickly and easily – she called in response to my email within minutes and we subsequently texted to confirm final plans. Our yellow lab, Baxter, was even excited to see her when he sensed her presence in the house a couple hours later. She immediately gave him a big hug and we knew he was in good hands. So grateful for this service, to have those final precious moments in the comfort of home, spoiling our pup with his favorite foods and watching him fall asleep in peace. I can’t thank Dr. Kinkade enough and I highly recommend utilizing this service whenever possible.”

“I had to euthanize my cat who was only about to turn five years old due to acute renal failure. It was absolutely devastating. Dr. Carrie Moore was amazing, though, and I’m very happy I wound up using this service. My cat was able to pass away peacefully on my lap, and that meant the world to me rather than having it done in a vet clinic. The empathy and sensitivity of Dr. Moore made the horrifying experience a little more bearable. The next time I have to make the dreadful decision, I would not hesitate to use this service again.

“I just wanted to let you know that Maryanne did an AMAZING job for me. She went over & beyond when I didn’t hear back quick enough from the vet (I was just being impatient under the circumstances). I know how businesses work but if she’s up for a review/raise, I truly hope you consider giving her a little extra because she has earned it.

Genuinely hard working people are hard to find these days and she’s a keeper! 🙂

I also posted a review on Yelp because I will definitely be referring Pet Loss at Home to my fellow animal owners.”

Best regards,

Megan Stout


“After a few weeks of health trouble for our baby boy, we reached out to Dr. Bingham in Albuquerque through Pet Loss at Home. She was very gentle, soothing, and loving towards our boy right to the end. She even joined us in giving him a final kiss to say goodbye, then very carefully got him ready to take to her car. My young cat could not have been in better hands. It’s tough to make the call, but Dr. Bingham was here for us and him every step of the way.”


“We were so upset to have to call for this service. But Dr. O’Leary made it so much easier to put our Bailey at peace. She comforted us as well as Bailey. He was a very family oriented dog and always by our sides. Our Family was present and we were glad he went into the light with us and being in his beloved home. Thank you so much Dr. O’Leary.”


We sadly had to lay our old girl to rest yesterday, August 14, 2023. She’s been a part of our family for 14 years. We felt it was her time due to old age health issues, as well as fighting arthritis the last few years. Dr. Rachel was available to come within a few hours notice; she was very professional and compassionate. She helped our baby transition into the life of no more pain and suffering. Thank you so much for your services and easing our transition.

Dr. Gail came to our home today to help us say goodbye to our precious Lucky. She was very kind and compassionate.  We were so grateful to have the opportunity to be with him at home at the end. We sat in the sun on the deck and it was very peaceful. We appreciate the service that you offer. Dr. Gail was very wonderful and I will pass your info on to any family & friends looking for your services.
Thanks, Jennie Zafft

“Sadly we had to put our girl Mia down yesterday. She had been declining drastically and yesterday morning we knew it was time. We looked into a number of places that would come to our home. Around 9am I requested an apt online and also called the number that directed me to someone available in our area. We got a call around 11am and Dr. Tammy was at our house by 3pm. She was absolutely amazing and truly helped guide us and give us comfort through the whole process. Of course everyone dreads this and in our situation we’ve kind of been mentally prepared since April but no one’s ever truly prepared for losing their fur baby. Dr. Tammy is very patient and passionate and we really couldn’t of asked for a better experience with such a sad and vulnerable time. Thank you so much!”


Dr. Christine Scott is a true angel placed on this world to help our beloved pets to cross over the rainbow bridge and at the same time providing comfort to pet owners who have broken hearts because we ultimately don’t know how to say goodbye. I had my precious Chrissy since she was 6 weeks old and we made the decision to help her cross over she was 18 years old. My precious girl helped me to go through the tragic unexpected death of my 40 year daughter 2 years ago. She just allowed me to cuddle with her and hold her tight while my tears were running like a river. I could see however that my Chrissy was having several health issues none of which were curable. Dr. Christine Scott came to our home, assessed my Chrissy and explained that my baby needed to go over the rainbow bridge. I’m certain that my daughter in heaven is taking care of my Chrissy and they both are waiting for my home coming. I truly would not have been able to give my precious Chrissy the truly loving goodbye without Dr. Christine Scott. I highly recommend Dr. Christine Scott to anyone that needs to give your dear beloved fur baby a dignified and respectful way to cross over the rainbow bridge. Thank you Dr. Christine Scott for everything that you have done to help take the sting out of the final goodbye.”


Dr. Sandra Coon came to our home today in Washington state for home euthanasia services. Our pet’s name is Clyde.

She was amazing and helped put our English Mastiff Clyde to his final long sleep today. I was wondering if your company supplied receipts, as I forgot to ask Dr. Coon at the time of her visit. Clyde has pet insurance and I would like to submit a receipt for today (euthanasia and cremation) for documentation.

Also, I was wondering if you knew what mortuary/crematory Clyde is being prepped at in Washington state. This may sound silly but he has never gone an evening away from home in his 8 years of life. Just knowing where he is would help us emotionally – he was our main mastiff.

Thanks so much,
Jamie Olaf


My sweet Capone was fine one week, rolling around on his back and being his crazy, spontaneous self and the next week he was having trouble breathing and taking seizures. I heard of a place that did at home services but it did not provide to my location. They directed me here,Pet Loss at Home. I believe everything happens for a reason.
Dr. Levy got back to me very quickly and came to our house the next day to help use understand what we were dealing with.
Capone is a bulldog so he is always running up to people, jumping, smelling, nudging lol. But not with Dr. Levy. Capone greated her right away with tons of kisses and was very comfortable with her. He was loving her up and so calm. This brought so much comfort to my husband and I as we felt like Capone knew she was there to help him.
I also have 3 young boys who were very upset with having to put their pup down. Dr. Levy was so understanding, played with my kids, answered all our questions and made us comfortable with our decision because Capone was not living a good quality of life. He could not get excited without his breathing being an issue. She was so patient with us as we took a while to make that decision no one ever wants to make.
I can not thank Dr.Levy enough for her kind soul.
The Eckman Family


“Thank you Dr Scott and pet loss at home. We are so glad that we found out about pet loss at home. When we found out that our cat, Peaches, had cancer and not treatable we immediately said that we would not make you get into her carrier and go to the vet when the time came because she did not like going out. It stressed her out so much and I did not want that to be her last moments! Then I came across your web page. Dr Scott was absolutely wonderful! She got to know about Peaches as well as us. She was there to care for our cat as well as support and comfort us through this difficult time. No doubt that this is her passion and what she should be doing. She helped to make this as peaceful as possible. As I held my sweet kitty cat with my husband beside us, Peaches was able to cross the rainbow bridge in the comfort of her home in one of her favorite spots to cuddle. I cannot say enough how much we appreciate the care and compassion.

Thank you Dr Scott!”


“We had to say goodbye to a beloved little friend yesterday, Buster was in stage three kidney disease when we adopted him a little over a year ago. Over that year he became such a big part of our family and our hearts.

As he entered kidney failure we made the always heartbreaking decision to let him go, and wanted to do so at home and give him the gentlest goodbye we could. We live in a pretty rural community, not many vets were willing to come to us, but that’s what we really wanted to do for him.

We had Dr Sandra Coon come out, and she was wonderful. My five year old son was able to be included, we talked about it a lot in advance as to what would happen to Buster and what to expect, and while we were both upset and crying the experience was the best we could ask for. She gave us tips on how to keep him distracted for the initial sedative, we got to hold him the whole time and say goodbye privately. When he had passed she gave us a blanket to wrap him in, then we placed him in a basket and my son and I were able to walk him to the car and wave him goodbye. Our other two dogs were also able to say goodbye and I genuinely think that helped provide closure for my son and them.

Dr Coon was compassionate and professional the whole time, she gave us space to grieve and made his transition as seamless and gentle as possible. She made sure we knew what to expect and what she was doing the whole time she was in our home. It’s always the hardest thing to do to say goodbye, but using Pet Loss at Home made it as peaceful as it could possibly be.”


“When you welcome a little companion into your home you never think that they will be the one to take care of you, you think that you will take care of them. But that was not the case with Bella she took care of my family for 18 ½ years. She kept my daughters’ secrets during her teenage years and was here when my daughter and her husband brought their baby daughter home from the hospital. She was my husband’s constant companion as he fought and lost his battle with cancer, and she has helped me through the last two years as I learned to cope with life without him. But there comes a time when you have to say good-bye and it was Bella’s time.
I feel very fortunate that Dr. Abby Regner was able to come to the house to allow Bella to peacefully pass away. There were no painful or scarry trips to the vet’s office involved, just a peaceful goodbye. Dr. Regner was so compassionate and explained everything. She made sure that Bella was comfortable in her final moments and that she felt no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Abby Regner and Pet Loss at Home.”


My daughter and son-in-law just had to allow their beloved cat Cupcake to cross over the rainbow bridge. They wanted to have it done at home. I found Pet Loss at Home and was connected with Dr. Shields. We scheduled the appointment for the next day, which was a Sunday. Dr. Shields arrived exactly at the appointment time. He was so professional and kind. After explaining what the procedure was, he allowed them to spend as much time that they needed with Cupcake before and after she passed. He clipped some of her fur so they could keep it and he made them an imprint of her paw print in foam as a keepsake. He had a beautiful basket and blanket to take her in. Only three days later they were able to pick up her ashes, which were in a beautiful box with her name on the top. Dr. Shields also sent them a personal sympathy card. As difficult as it is to say goodbye to a beloved pet, Dr. Shields helped to make the moment a little easier. He is such a kind, compassionate veterinarian. We are forever grateful for being able to let Cupcake pass at home where she was most comfortable. Thank you Dr. Shields! We appreciate you.


We recently had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye to our son’s beloved furry companion, and after much research and consideration, I chose Dr. Robin’s In-Home Dog Euthanasia Services. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the compassionate and professional care he provided during such a challenging time.

From the very first contact, Dr. Robin demonstrated a level of empathy and understanding that immediately put our minds at ease. He listened attentively as I shared my concerns and answered all my questions with patience and sensitivity. It was evident that he truly cared about my dog’s well-being and ensuring a peaceful transition.

The convenience of having the euthanasia performed in the comfort of my home cannot be overstated. My dog was able to be in familiar surroundings, surrounded by loved ones, which made the process less stressful for both of us. Dr. Robin’s gentle and comforting approach helped create a serene atmosphere, allowing my dog to peacefully pass away in our son’s arms. His professionalism and expertise were evident throughout the entire procedure.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Robin’s In-Home Dog Euthanasia Services to anyone facing the heart-wrenching decision of euthanizing their beloved pet. His commitment to providing compassionate care in the comfort of your own home sets him apart from other services. Dr. Robin’s professionalism, empathy, and genuine love for animals make him an invaluable resource during such a challenging and emotional journey.

Saying goodbye to a cherished pet is one of the most difficult experiences we can face as pet owners, but with Dr. Robin’s support, it became a profoundly peaceful and compassionate process. I am forever grateful for his services and the comfort he provided during this difficult time


I had to make the difficult call to Pet Loss at Home at the end of April for my sweet Reesee, as she had experienced a severe neurological decline which was limiting her mobility. Dr. Kinkade came to my home on May 6th and she was exceptional. She even spent a few minutes connecting with Reesee. Before she got started, Dr. Kinkade explained everything that was going to happen in a clear and calm way and that helped me to be calm for Reesee so that I could provide comfort to her. Reesee went so peacefully and although I was incredibly devastated to say goodbye to her, I was able to still find peace in that moment because of the level of care Dr. Kinkade provided. The entire experience felt so much more personable and private than if I had gone to the vet, and I even helped wrap Reesee up in a blanket and carefully place her in Dr. Kinkade’s care. I highly recommend Pet Loss at Home as I truly felt taken care of on the hardest day of my life. Thank you, Dr. Kinkade for your kindness and empathy and for helping my girl make safe passage across the rainbow bridge.

“Today was an extremely tough day for our family (who has already been through a lot of loss recently). We lost our 13.5 year old best friend.

I absolutely cannot speak more highly of Dr. Darden. She was so kind and compassionate to our dog as well as my young children and me. The process was very relaxed, peaceful, and calm. She took very good care of my dog in his final moments and made sure he was comfortable before passing.

I highly recommend for anyone having to make the tough decision to have their pet put down. Having them peaceful within the comfort of their home is priceless.”

“When my husband and I came home from work Wednesday May 17th our boxer had taken a turn for the worse and we had to make the hard decision of what we were going to do. He would of been 11 years old in August and he was an all white boxer. He started losing his hearing, eye sight and he had bad arthritis. On top of all of that he was throwing up and had diarrhea which lead to him not wanting to eat or drink and he lost a lot of weight. I sent a message to Dr. Donald Shields and he called to discuss everything. He came out the next morning to help Curious transition to a pain free life over the rainbow bridge. Dr. Shields was so nice and compassionate and explained each and every step. We are so thankful he was able to help our baby.”

T”he worst part of having a dog is when the time comes to say goodbye. Our sweet Chance crossed the rainbow bridge last week, and we are struggling to adjust to life without a pup who was affectionate, smart, and a constant companion. I can’t express how wonderful Dr. Holly Pietschmann was in helping us through the goodbye process. She was the perfect mix of caring, compassionate, and competent, knowing when to help and when to give space. This was a terribly difficult time to navigate, but being in our own home where Chance was happy and comfortable, and with Dr. Holly’s help, it was peaceful. I’m so grateful.”


💔🐾🌈🐾💔The hardest thing a fur parent will ever have to do is to recognize and be selfless when your kid no longer has a good quality of life, and do the right thing. When Oreo crossed the bridge on April 30th 2023, Pet Loss at Home was the most wonderful caring business ever, very very compassionate and amazing and understanding while I made the tough decision during the week before. 💞 Dr. Carrie Moore was extremely patient and kind with me and those last moments. She even made sure that we got the perfect paw print in clay by trimming his little toe beans. I received a personalized card from her a few days later, expressing her deepest condolences, above and beyond what I ever expected. Oreo originally showed up on my doorstep in 2014, the day after I got three ten week old kittens. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t take him in at that time, but I persuaded my elderly neighbor who had lost her husband and was lonely to take him in so they could be companions for each other. He had six great years with her, getting dressed up in pearls and drinking white wine 🍷He never really knew how to be a real cat, but my 2 derps tried to teach him the ropes when I took him in after she could no longer take care of him. He wasn’t in the best of shape, but my two cats took him in and we gave him the best life ever for the 2 1/2 years that he was with us. We called him OG (Old Guy, Original Gangsta) and Possum. He was tiny, but bossy, knowing exactly what he wanted, including having the bathroom faucet trickling at all times for him to drink water at his leisure. But he got cancer of the jawbone, and it was eating him from the inside out, making him waste away and suffer. May you rest in peace, my sweet little Ro Ro, we love and miss you 💔🐾🌈🐾💔
#petlossathome #kenoshafuneralhome

“Excellent and timely communication and Dr. Darden is very compassionate. Because of this I was able to give my cat a respectful passing at home.”

“Our beautiful Labrador Retriever had a very terrible accident on Easter Saturday, which forced us to make the decision all pet parents dread. Finding an in home vet to come that weekend was emotionally challenging. Dr.Darden not only answered our late Sat.Night call on Sunday morning, but came that afternoon. Our girl peacefully left surrounded by her family in her own home. Dr. Darden is so calm and kind. We will never forget that day and her kindness.”