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Toby, our lovable Lab of 14 years, was nearing the end of his life with us, and due to his size and lack of mobility, a mobile vet needed to be arranged. Over the period of days waiting for our mobile vet appointment, on Saturday, Toby’s condition became critical and we realized that immediate attention was required. We contacted Dr. Rachel Sundary morning and arranged for a 2 PM Sunday appointment. We stayed up all night with Toby to keep him as comforted as possible and called Dr. Rachel to see if an earlier appointment was possible – which she was able to accommodate.

Just minutes before Dr. Rachel arrived, Toby died peacefully at home surrounded by his family. Dr. Rachel’s bedside manner was compassionate, caring and very professional. We arranged for cremation and today, hand delivered by Dr. Rachel, were Toby’s ashes in a cedar urn along with a cast of his paw print – a beautiful presentation. Again we were impressed with Dr. Rachel’s compassion and professionalism.

Dr. Rachel was our savior in a situation that we were feeling quite helpless and without a solution. We highly recommend Pet Loss At Home and Dr. Rachel to all pet owners and we will not hesitate to utilize their services in the future.

Gina and Steve


We are so grateful to Dr Mary Ann Bender for helping us through a difficult time with our sweet Lily. She is at peace. We think of her again having a romp in heaven’s woods, terrorizing squirrels and dragging around every rotten log she can. Dr Mary Ann was compassionate and her love for our 4-legged family member was obvious. Thank you.


I had arranged for my vet to come to the house on Tuesday evening (today is Sunday), but my cat’s condition declined rapidly. We contacted ‘Pet Loss at Home’ and the vet (Dr. Moore) was compassionate, understanding, and made both my cat (Molly) as comfortable as possible. I will miss my cat dearly, but I know that she is resting peacefully in kitty heaven.


“With the help of Dr. Christine Scott, we said goodbye to Rocky last night. She was such an angel in our time of need.”

“Dr . Prior compassionately and knowledgeably came into our home and changed the whole experience of euthanasia for me from a dreaded last duty so my beloved pet didn’t die scared and alone. Mylo was 14 years old, the most wonderful, loving, fun fur baby. I am heartbroken and will grieve and miss him terribly. He passed 12 hours ago. And I’m at peace because of this loving, sharing experience. To me it took the trauma out of this death. Dr Prior suggested that we include Stella, my other dog at the end by having her come smell him so she understands. We did and she sniffed him, came to me snuggled a minute and went back to her spot. I highly recommend this service for anyone who is in this position. It is humane for the pets and people. As a Therapist for over 30 years with one of my specialities being grief, if you have children that they are included. It could definitely change how they deal with loss and grief and prevent fears that often result. Of course talk to practitioner who you’re working with about your situation and concerns when making the arrangements.”


It’s been a few months since Brady’s passing but I wanted to thank Dr. Kelly Garrett for everything she did for us. It was a difficult day but she made the process very peaceful and explained everything that would happen. The tree planted in his name was such a beautiful gesture I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I would recommend this service 100%.

Bella Mia

Compassionate, tenderhearted, PATIENT, empathetic, caring, gentle, calming, loving, dignified are just a few ways to describe Dr. Rachel Thauberger. When faced with having to put our beautiful baby out of pain Dr. Rachel was our Angel on Earth. She allowed Bella Mia (only 7 years old) and her family all the time needed and desired while our sweet baby was enjoying a beautiful rest. As we all bid our goodbyes, patience and respect were afforded us in time, kindness and caring. This method of transition is best for all the family….especially the baby we lost. Bella Mia forever in our hearts. Love, Mom, Dad, Sofia & Foxy

Sandra, we received Abby’s ashes today. We are still heartbroken over her loss, but we could not be more pleased with the company that was used to cremate her. Everything from the engraved urn, the condolence card and her paw print was so tasteful. We could not think of a more perfect experience.

Thanks again. Dodie and Tom


Dr. Durfee, I just want to thank you for your part in helping us with Dayzee’s remaining moments. You were such a blessing to Roger and myself and to our 2 boys, who were so grateful for your service. It truly is an act of kind service you perform. After you and Dayzee left, the four of us were talking about it. I said that what you do is truly a ministry. You are blessed with the talent of making everyone, including the dogs feel at ease. I appreciated you explaining, in detail, everything that was about to take place. Your kindness and thoughtfulness during the emotional moments helped us in accepting her death.
With our sincerest gratitude and thanks,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the advice and support you gave to help us say goodbye to our beloved dog. I cannot express how grateful I am that you helped us give him a peaceful end to his life at exactly the right time. Thank you for the difficult job you do with such compassion and grace.

Thank you for your amazing professionalism and sincere care during such a difficult time. You let our Henri pass from this world without pain or fear.
We are grateful.

“Dear Dr. Coon, This is Keri Mattson, you came to our home on Thursday evening to help us say goodbye to our beloved family pet Sam. I wanted to thank you again for what you did for our family. Your kindness, professionalism and love for people and their pets was truly beautiful. You made a very difficult time for us so peaceful and lovely. I can not thank you enough. If there is a place where I could write a review for your services I would be so happy to do so. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 💕”

“Dr. Darden was amazing when we had to make this difficult decision. I have never had to do this before and she answered all of our questions and basically assured me this was the right time. As hard as it was I know it was the right decision and I so grateful for her patience and understanding.”

Stephanie Chambers

Dr. Prior was Very compassionate and considerate and professional. He truly made a hard Day and a hard decision easier. He responded quickly and lead us through the process with knowledge and confidence. I highly recommend Dr Prior. He was a blessing.

“Very professional from start to finish. Dr. Prior was excellent.”
Shannon Clark

Thank you, for the very apropos words. You provided a great service to us and we appreciate your dedication to detail and also your Covid protocols. I, personally, don’t know how you could do this type of vet job, I don’t think I could handle it emotionally. Even though you know you are helping the Families, just doing this aspect of the job would weigh so heavily. Thank God there are people like you who can and are willing to do this work. Thank you, so much.

Thank you so much for the service you provide. It meant everything to have him slip away peacefully, with the people around him that he loved and trusted. It’s a great comfort to know that we treated him with respect and consideration and caring. We’ll always be grateful for your compassion.

Dr. Rachel made a very sad experience not only bearable, but so very sweet. She was gentle, passionate, sympathetic, professional, responsive, loving and kind. Thank you Dr. Rachel. God bless you.

Dawn Rose

MKE - Testimonial #2


Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for Winston and us.

We appreciate it so much.

Winston, Judy, and Nikki

MKE Testimonial - #1

Dear Dr. Cassie,
Thank you again for your help with Chester.
We hated to see him suffer and you provided the peace during a very challenging time.
Bless you for all that you do.
Thank you also for the lovely card.
Happy Halloween.
Bill and Marie Christensen

Carson Lucas

“Thank you Dr. Ong for making his last moments peaceful.”


I had to say goodbye to my best friend of over 15 years, my dog Freddie. I contacted Dr. Kinkade and heard back within an hour and was able to get a same day appointment. This was truly the worst day of my life, but Dr. Kinkade helped me so much. She put me at ease and more importantly my dog at ease. She helped to make such an awful experience a peaceful one. She is truly meant to do what she is doing and I am so thankful and blessed to have found her. Dr. Kinkade I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My name is Susan and I had a 14 1/2-year-old lab mix named Chase. This is the fourth dog for me to help over the Rainbow Bridge and it doesn’t get any easier. He had arthritis for some time now and we had a bad night. I had always thought I would know when it was time and it was today.

I started to look on-line and found Pet Loss at Home. It helped me a lot to make the decision. I thought if he was eating, he was okay. But the information about older dogs with arthritis helped me see what I needed to see.

It was Sunday morning and I called the phone number. A recording asked if I wanted to leave a message or talk to someone. Dr. Joe Rosenberg answered the phone. We talked for a few minutes and I asked if he could come today and he said yes. He was at my home in a little more than an hour. He was kind, gentle, and caring. This is the first time I was able to do this at home and, with Dr. Joe’s help, it made an awful thing a little less awful.

Thank you, Dr. Joe, for coming today and for your help. Chase is now running free and lifting his leg high on those bushes.


Michael F. Leverone, DVM,
Our family can’t thank you enough for the professional and caring manner your conveyed in our time of sorrow. Even though losing Raven was extremely difficult and so close to the Christmas Holiday, you made the situation a little more bearable by allowing us to say goodbye to our sweet girl together, in the privacy of home. Thank you again and we highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of your service.
Sincerely, Julie, Makayla & Mike


Pet Loss At Home is committed to helping pet owners and their pets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click the link for more information about our updated policies and procedures.

~Rob Twyning, Co-Founder of Pet Loss At Home

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