Pet Loss At Home is a team of mobile veterinarians who have a special sensitivity for helping families navigate end-of-life care.

Dr. Karen and Rob Twyning

Dr. Karen & Rob Twyning

We’re working hard so that every pet owner knows about the option of home euthanasia and soon, every city nationwide will have gentle veterinarians readily available for when the time comes to say goodbye in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Pet Loss At Home was founded in 2002 by veterinarian Dr. Karen Twyning. She was profoundly impacted after honoring the wishes of a client to euthanize her elderly cat at home. The experience was so very peaceful and beautiful, it is fixed in her memory. She left that home wondering, “Why is any pet euthanasia ever performed in a cold, sterile clinic?!”

Since then, she’s been on a mission. With the help of her husband Rob, Pet Loss At Home is making home euthanasia service much more widely available nationwide.

Pet owners’ experiences with our vets

I used this service last night to relieve my sweet baby Topaz from his pain. He was 17, and I can hardly remember life without him. He is the love of my life. I knew I couldn’t wait another day, and I was thankful to find this service to come after hours to our home. Thank you, and I highly recommend this service to anyone who has to go through the loss of their pet. It is the best decision you can make for them… end the suffering. Please do not wait until they are too far gone in pain. The hardest part is letting go. Mommy loves you Topey Bear

Chicago, Illinois
Dog euthanasia put down at home Chicago

Excellent, compassionate, fantastic vet Dr. Niqole Varani from this wonderful company came to our 10-year-old black lab Jesse Jr.’s rescue today to put him to peace, no more lymphoma pain. If anyone considers in home vs at the vet’s office this is the group to use!! Really put us and the dog at ease. We are so grateful for her exceptional compassion towards us in a very difficult hour!! Thank you!! She is most definitely a vet to keep on your staff!!!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin