Support Groups




  • Vet Artwork

    To Create Beauty From Within (Remember your pet uniquely.)

    For many years veterinarian offices have been decorating their walls with art. We aim to bring something different to the world of veterinary artwork. Our mission is to create cellular artwork to advance the field of animal science, and bring remembrance to animals and pets. Art is used for decoration, education, and healing. To the naked eye, our pieces look like colorful abstract art, but a deeper look reveals the cellular morphology and the “beauty within”. We invite you to design your walls something beautiful and meaningful.


  • Heal Your Heart: Coping with the Loss of a Pet – A tremendously soothing experience. The affirmations provide a powerful tool to help you understand the importance of your loss and take steps to resolve the pain of your feelings.

Pet Loss and Grief Counselors

Pet Loss Support Helplines via Veterinary Schools & Organizations

Professional Pet Services

  • Pet at Home Pet Sitting – Pet at Home Pet Sitting *West Palm Beach & Central Palm Beach County – Phone Number: (561) 686-2900
  • National Service Animal Registry Company
    Since 1995 we have been providing people with information and services for their registered service dogs and emotional support animals.