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Rob Twyning from Pet Loss At Home

From the AP Article featuring Rob Twyning: Pet Loss at Home has served more than 35,000 families since 2003. It operates with about 75 doctors in 50 metropolitan areas, including Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Houston and Minneapolis. We have been experiencing a steady increase in business, said Rob Twyning, who founded the company with his […]

Home Pet Burial

A Pet’s Home Burial

A Pet’s Home Burial As the days warm, pet owners who’ve lost a pet tend to contemplate the option of home burial.  There is no set figure on how many people choose backyard burial over pet cremation or pet cemetery burial, but the number is likely very high. Handling things themselves increases their ability to […]

Pets Helping Senior Humans

Senior pets, and helping them during their last part of the life journey, has always been a focus by our Team. Here is a great article that relates pets helping human Seniors. I, personally, feel that the human-animal bond is a great enduring memory that lasts a lifetime…at any stage in our human lives. Enjoy. […]

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Senior shelter pets are worthy pets

Senior pets are often left in shelters longer than the more youthful playmates, no matter the size, breed or species, according to co-founder, Rob Twyning. “This leaves many likely to be euthanized without a family or a home. These animals are scared and alone when their time comes.” They are not on their way […]

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Dementia-like decline isn’t uncommon in aging pets co-founder, Rob Twyning, acknowledges there isn’t a precisely defined condition like Alzheimer’s when it comes to aging pets. “But that doesn’t mean it isn’t common. More than half the cats and dogs older than 11 years have some degree of cognitive decline. For dogs, depending on breed, the decline can start as early as […]

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Ignore the myth of ‘dog years’ when it comes to aging

It once was generally accepted that a dog ages seven years for one calendar year. “It’s not that simple,” according to Pet Loss at Home co-founder, Rob Twyning. “A dog’s first year is more like 15 years’ aging. In a year, you’ve probably noticed they behave somewhat like a human teenager because they are about […]

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Mourning: There’s no such thing as ‘just a pet’

“Your pet is a family member,” says co-owner, Rob Twyning. “Your not simply a pet owner, you’re a friend.” That friendship and companionship will be a difficult loss when your dog or cat passes. It’s important to take time to mourn that loss for your health and to honor the pet that is no […]

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Measuring your pet’s quality of life during the aging years co-owner, Rob Twyning, is also a pet owner and knows as well as most that, as our pets age, we often exercise a measure of denial when we think our pets are aging. We think our beloved dog or cat is doing great but might just be having a bad day here and there. […]

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Is it painful for my pet to be put to sleep?

Experts, including the founders of, are unanimous in that being put to sleep (euthanasia) doesn’t cause pain for a loved pet at the end of life. There’s no way to be certain since pets can’t document what they feel or how they experience pain. Medically, though, the process is designed to be pain free. […]