We’re so pleased we opted for help from www.PetLossAtHome.com

Dr. Darden was amazing.
Our 15 year old lab-mix Trigger had been struggling for the last year with worsening arthritis, seizures, and intense noise fears.
He was otherwise happy and enjoying life but all of this changed when he appeared to have had a stroke and could not move. We waited and comforted him but after 24 hours he was in distress. We called Dr Darden at 7am and she was here before 9am.
Trigger made his journey gently and we had time to be with him and comfort him along the way. The last thing Trigger would have wanted was to be carried to a clinical environment. He passed where he slept every night for the last 15 years surrounded by family that loved him and I cannot think of a better outcome for this difficult situation.
Thank you Dr. Darden for your compassion and skill. It’s an amazing thing to be able to help people and their loved pets through all of this. Thank you so much!
Your personal visit to deliver Trigger’s ashes today made me want to share our experience and recommend petlossathome.com.
We’re going to spread his ashes along the routes we walked, the backyard he loved, and probably keep some as a small reminder of the great times we had with him.

Thank you!