Dr Kinkade came to our home today to help our 11 year old Harley cross over. It was an extremely difficult decision as he has arthritis so he was still enjoying some good days. We had been keeping track of his behavior so we could tell when the bad days started to outweigh the good and that had begun to happen pretty rapidly in the last couple of weeks. Harley is a very special dog , he has been nothing short of perfect since the day we adopted him at four months. It was incredibly important to us that we find the right person to guide this experience for him as even until his last breathe Harley deserved nothing shy of the very best. From the first phone call Dr Kinkade had a “ way “ about her. A very confident , comforting way. We knew right away that she was our girl. When she got to the house we met her on the deck and I reluctantly let my younger dog out to see who was here. We felt it was important to have her there but also because of her strung nature we were open to keeping her inside if she caused Harley any stress. Dr KinKade knew that we wanted her there and handled Blue with such calm and grace that she was able to stay with Harley until his last breathe. She seemed to be present when she needed to be and then somehow when we needed our time she seems to slip off into the background so we could grieve and comfort in what felt like total privacy. It’s a vulnerable time when you are losing a member of your family and having a stranger there seems like it could be awkward and uncomfortable , however , Dr Kinkade was the steady presence that we needed to be able to give Harley all of the love he deserved in his final moments here. She was peaceful and calm and authentic and genuine and so incredibly comforting. She took everything at Harleys pace and all tho she helps a lot of people and pets with this transition she made it feel like this moment affected her. Like Harley was important to her and that she truly wanted what was best for him. I am eternally grateful to her for what she gave us , for allowing our final moments with Harley to be just as beautiful as every moment before that. ❤️