It was time, but I was not ready. My boy was suffering so much. In his 13 years, Fred got me through so many hard times; the very long illness of a spouse taken too young, the loss of a mother the following year, then the unexpected passing of a father the next. Fred was a constant companion; providing comfort, love, joy, and strength. I wasn’t ready, I couldn’t lose him too. But when I looked into his eyes, I saw both his love and suffering. The cancer was taking him away from me.

That is when I found Say Goodbye at Home and Dr Hill. It was with Dr Hill’s assistance and compassion that Fred and I said goodbye for now. Having opportunity to go through this in our home, with my arms around Fred, did not make it any less painful, but Fred was comfortable and at ease. It was all about him not having to travel to the vet nervous and frightened to begin his next journey. There is no way to better say goodbye to a pet that is such an important part of our lives. Dr Hill is the perfect person to assist us in times like these.