Jamie came to us from a kill shelter, starved, shutting down, unresponsive to the people there, and full of scars, so a call out on Facebook was sent to see if anyone was willing to take him home and see if he would come around.  From the first moment I saw his picture I was in love, there was just something about him. When he finally came out of his shell, Jamie was the most goofy, loving, and brilliant soul I have ever had the honor to know. He loved life, from hiking and playing at the barn, to snuggling on the couch with us and his favorite teddy bear. He was also an expert bed hog! A piece of my heart flew away when he left us. Hail our little traveler until we meet again. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Pietchmann for the gentleness and support she showed when we had to put Jamie down.