On June 21, 2018 we had our beloved Lily B put to sleep, in the same house she had lived for nearly 16 years. Lily B was a lab/pit rescue –  loud, bossy, smart and loved every human she encountered. The mere thought of not having that vivid presence in our lives was crushing. I will be forever grateful for Pet Loss at Home and  Dr. Holly Pietschmann.  Dr. Holly was remarkably professional.  Our phone call to set up the visit allowed me to ask questions. In person her demeanor was knowledgable and compassionate.  My husband, a surgeon, could not bear to be present, but my two dog loving best friends were with me.  Dr. Holly didn’t hurry the process and let us give Lily B lots of hugs and kisses.  She gently asked me if I was ready and then administered a sedative first, so Lily B was sleepy and calm.  I laid on the couch next to her and cuddled like we always did.  Her death was very peaceful, and again Dr. Holly did not hurry our goodbyes.  My friends helped put her nearly fifty pound body on the stretcher and with the blanket tucked up under her chin, Lily B looked like she was simply dreaming.  When my husband came home to the empty house I could tell him that it was ok, and that I will always look back on that day as happy/sad and filled with love.  Dr. Holly sent me a lovely note afterwards, which I saved, along with all the cards from Lily B’s fans and friends.  The mere fact that I am writing this testimonial seven months after her death is affirmation of how poignant the memory is, and how supported I felt.

Kristine Hall