When our sweet 16 year old Doxie “Cocoa” let us know that it was her time to join her sister in heaven, we placed a call to Lap of Love. I was greeted by the kindest, most empathetic lady who gave me the details of the process of helping Cocoa cross the bridge in the privacy of our home. We held her and loved her all day, made her scrambled eggs with cheese, talked to her and cried with her.
Dr. Tiffany arrived and explained the process to us. We cuddled Cocoa and our other Doxie, Java, sat between us to let her best friend know everything would be alright.
After her relaxation injection I leaned in and she kissed my face twice as she fell asleep peacefully. When her heart stopped, we handed her over to Dr. Tiffany who put her in a basket to take her to her private cremation.
Meanwhile, in the next several days I received emails of support and encouragement, condolence cards and shortly after Cocoa’s ashes arrived in a beautifully engraved box. Included are paw prints, a vial with a tuft of her fur, a lovely poem and bookmark.
Having had to put 2 other dogs down in my life, I can assure you, there is no comparison to having had this very private and intimate experience.
Thank you to Lap of Love for your comfort and support.