We can not thank Dr. Leah Osowiecki enough. My family and I had to face the difficult decision of having to put down our 6 year old puppy. He was diagnosed with cancer in June and received chemo treatment until September when there was nothing else we were able to do besides keep him comfortable at home. Over night in November he woke up unable to walk and very weak, heartbroken, we knew what we needed to do for our dog. We found pet loss at home online and called Dr. O the day after thanksgiving and she was able to come to our house that same night. She texted me throughout the day to check in which was very reassuring. She was very caring and took the time to explain to us what had happened to our dog and how the procedure would happen after after fully examining him. She was very caring and empathetic and was very gentile with our dog. Keeping us informed of everything happening, our dog passed away very peacefully as if he had fallen asleep. We can not thank her enough for being so compassionate and caring towards our family and dog. We highly recommend this service! Thank you Dr. O!