Dr. Christine Scott is a true angel placed on this world to help our beloved pets to cross over the rainbow bridge and at the same time providing comfort to pet owners who have broken hearts because we ultimately don’t know how to say goodbye. I had my precious Chrissy since she was 6 weeks old and we made the decision to help her cross over she was 18 years old. My precious girl helped me to go through the tragic unexpected death of my 40 year daughter 2 years ago. She just allowed me to cuddle with her and hold her tight while my tears were running like a river. I could see however that my Chrissy was having several health issues none of which were curable. Dr. Christine Scott came to our home, assessed my Chrissy and explained that my baby needed to go over the rainbow bridge. I’m certain that my daughter in heaven is taking care of my Chrissy and they both are waiting for my home coming. I truly would not have been able to give my precious Chrissy the truly loving goodbye without Dr. Christine Scott. I highly recommend Dr. Christine Scott to anyone that needs to give your dear beloved fur baby a dignified and respectful way to cross over the rainbow bridge. Thank you Dr. Christine Scott for everything that you have done to help take the sting out of the final goodbye.”