“Thank you Dr Scott and pet loss at home. We are so glad that we found out about pet loss at home. When we found out that our cat, Peaches, had cancer and not treatable we immediately said that we would not make you get into her carrier and go to the vet when the time came because she did not like going out. It stressed her out so much and I did not want that to be her last moments! Then I came across your web page. Dr Scott was absolutely wonderful! She got to know about Peaches as well as us. She was there to care for our cat as well as support and comfort us through this difficult time. No doubt that this is her passion and what she should be doing. She helped to make this as peaceful as possible. As I held my sweet kitty cat with my husband beside us, Peaches was able to cross the rainbow bridge in the comfort of her home in one of her favorite spots to cuddle. I cannot say enough how much we appreciate the care and compassion.

Thank you Dr Scott!”