“When we concluded that our beloved Luna’s time had come, we knew we couldn’t take her to the vet’s office. Through some karmic Google searching, we found Dr. Lou Huzella in Frederick, MD. From our first contact through helping carry her body to his car, we knew we had found the right person to help us with this difficult, but necessary, task.

I have always felt it is my sacred duty as a pet owner to make the difficult decision my pet can’t. While I’ve done this before, it was always in a vet’s office. We made a special request of Dr. Lou with respect to time and location, and he didn’t hesitate to accommodate us. Luna made her transition on her terms, and ours.

No fuss, no struggle for Luna. No stress, anxiety or regret for us.

It was as joyous and beautiful as something so sad could possibly be.

There is nothing we would change about our experience.

Dr. Lou (and others like him) is doing sacred work by bringing his very special and unique gift directly to the pet owner and the pet. His generosity, compassion, and care for both pet and owners are evident.

If you find yourself struggling with this decision, struggle no more.”