“I want to thank PET LOSS AT HOME for being the only organization in the Greater Houston area that includes services for Katy, out of the 7 I contacted that claimed they provided
these services in our area, Pet Loss At Home was the only one that actually included our location as “in area.”  This is concerning to me as I;ve been looking for an at home
palliative service for the last few weeks that later – when it was the time was appropriate – could also perform at home euthanasia. The first two referrals from our vet (who are
located less than a mile from our home) were listed on their website as servicing our area, but when contacted siad “we dont have a vet in your area at this time.”
I would also like to personally thank Dr. Carol Ong for the services she provided for Ivan yesterday, and her guideance she provided me over the phone each time I called this week
attempting to find a service that would come to our home as Ivan deteriorated over the last two weeks. She was very generous with her time, answering the phone personally each
time I called this week, and demonstrated Ivan’s comfort and care was her primary priority. She is excellent at what she does. I cannot express my gratitude to her.”