Ranger was our baby that we adopted while I was newly pregnant with my human baby. Ranger used to lay on my tummy and feel his baby sister moving around. He was a sweet dog.
One day he woke up and couldn’t get off his bed. There were so many signs that he was just in pain. We tried to give him medicine and he didn’t even have the strength to take it.
We made the very hardest decision any pet parent could make. We knew we needed to give him peace.
We called Dr. Ong and she was willing to come out even though, because of his pain, Ranger was very aggressive.
Dr.Ong knew our situation and worked with us to come out that same day. She didn’t want Ranger to suffer any longer. I was at work and rushed home to be there. I was 10 min late but Dr.Ong was kind enough to wait until I made it.
I made it home and met her in my driveway. I was a wreck. She gave her condolences and assured me that she would take care of our boy.
I won’t go into the details of the process but Dr.Ong was so incredibly kind and walked us through every step. She took care of our baby like he was her own.
It was a rough week but nothing made me happier than to receive a handwritten sympathy card from Dr.Ong.
I hope we never have to go through this again, but if we ever do, we would definitely use Dr.Ong and these services again. Thank you for handling a terrible situation with such love and understanding.