“My Lulu girl was the most precious girl and happy energetic dog. Last week we had a very sudden onset of spontaneous pneumothorax and the vets at GCVS couldn’t keep her lung inflated and recommended humane euthanasia. Once I recovered from the jarring news, I knew I didn’t want it to be done in a foreign place. I reached out to Dr. Carol Ong and she made time for myself and Lulu the next day. I worked with GCVS to find a way to keep the lung inflated for the 24hr period. Dr. Ong came to my house on-time and was very gentle with me and my support group because I was a mess. It was quick and peaceful (although gutting for the human parent and friends). She left me with a paw print and a clipping of Lulu’s hair. We did an at home burial in a casket I had hastily made, and for this option, it was affordable versus the vet clinic charge for the same treatment. Thank you Pet Loss at Home for helping with Lulu’s deathcare.”