The decision to put Lola, my 13 year old pug, to sleep was very painful for me. After she began to have seizures that couldn’t be explained, I knew that euthanasia was the most loving thing that I could do for her but he thought of taking her to the vet’s office filled me with dread. I was fortunate to find your website and was connected to Dr. Donna O’Leary. I would say that she was truly professional but that wouldn’t be enough. She was so kind, compassionate and understanding that I feel went beyond professionalism. She explained what would happen both procedurally and aftercare. After we spoke, I knew I had made the right decision and was able to tell Lola I could let her go. When Dr. O’Leary arrived, her professionalism and compassion continued. She was so gentle with Lola (who took to her immediately) and she explained what would happen each step of the way. I was able to hold Lola in my arms, at home, as she passed away. I was reminded of the day I brought her home and held her for the first time and it seemed fitting that we were together at the end. Aftercare was very well managed. I received her remains a day earlier than expected and there was a card included that had all of the details. I wasn’t expecting that and it was very comforting. Thank you again.