“Our dog Luke started to decline fast after being diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 16. We knew the time would come and were dreading every second of it. I did not know where to start when looking for options and Luke never liked going to the vet so my family really wanted to have him pass at home. Dr. Christina Kinkade is an absolute angel. Within a day he started to decline fast & we started to get nervous that option to have him home with us when he passed would not be possible due to such short notice. Dr. Kinkade answered my call at 830pm and schedule an appointment with us next day. In the morning Luke unfortunately was doing even worse and we were scared he wouldn’t survive the morning. She came right away and answering my text at 6am. My gratitude for her goes beyond words. She made the experience so peaceful & gave my family such closure that we were able to let him pass at home surround by his family. Her sincerity will never be forgotten. Thank you for giving us some peace during such a difficult time. If you are struggling what a decision on what to do, I would look no further. It was the best decision we could have made to call Dr. Christina Kinkade.”