Dr. Christina Kinkade – We can not say enough about how grateful we are to have found your service and to have had the services of Dr. Kinkade! It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beloved pet. We were heartbroken when our 7 year old dog, Mia was diagnosed with cancer and went downhill fast. We were told by the vet hospital that she was suffering and should be euthanized, but with Covid-19, it would not be possible for us to be there. Our regular vet, Dr. DeMarco of Kingston Animal hospital told us about Pet Loss at Home. I am so thankful I found this service to match families in need to vets who are doing this work to honor our pets lives. Dr. Kinkade was amazing!!! She was so very kind and patient with us and with our pet. Her gentle, kind nature and the knowlege she imparted made this process so much more bearable, and what a difference to be able to say goodbye our four-legged family member at home. It made this heartbreaking situation a little less sad. I feel like we were able to honor Mia’s beautiful life with a beautiful ending. Thank you SO MUCH Dr. Kinkade!!
The Nielsen Family