A short time ago, toward the end of August, 2019, we found we needed to allow our French Bulldog Andre to go to the Rainbow bridge.  We have never used a  home vet visit to put one of our beloved pets to sleep.  I can not express my thanks to Dr. Monica for providing this service for us.  It was peaceful and memorable.  Andre laid in my lap, with one of our dogs laying on my shoulder looking down on him, one seated on the floor looking up at him.  He wasn’t frightened, but happy laying inn my arms with me quietly singing his song to him.  Very gently he went to sleep.  I don’t know why, but I feel his presence in the home.  I had the experience with our other pets of being transferred to the vets office and our baby becoming a little upset.  There was nothing like that with Andre.  Thank you Dr. Monica for your patience, your kindness, for all that you provided for us and Andre.    Carol Joyce