💔🐾🌈🐾💔The hardest thing a fur parent will ever have to do is to recognize and be selfless when your kid no longer has a good quality of life, and do the right thing. When Oreo crossed the bridge on April 30th 2023, Pet Loss at Home was the most wonderful caring business ever, very very compassionate and amazing and understanding while I made the tough decision during the week before. 💞 Dr. Carrie Moore was extremely patient and kind with me and those last moments. She even made sure that we got the perfect paw print in clay by trimming his little toe beans. I received a personalized card from her a few days later, expressing her deepest condolences, above and beyond what I ever expected. Oreo originally showed up on my doorstep in 2014, the day after I got three ten week old kittens. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t take him in at that time, but I persuaded my elderly neighbor who had lost her husband and was lonely to take him in so they could be companions for each other. He had six great years with her, getting dressed up in pearls and drinking white wine 🍷He never really knew how to be a real cat, but my 2 derps tried to teach him the ropes when I took him in after she could no longer take care of him. He wasn’t in the best of shape, but my two cats took him in and we gave him the best life ever for the 2 1/2 years that he was with us. We called him OG (Old Guy, Original Gangsta) and Possum. He was tiny, but bossy, knowing exactly what he wanted, including having the bathroom faucet trickling at all times for him to drink water at his leisure. But he got cancer of the jawbone, and it was eating him from the inside out, making him waste away and suffer. May you rest in peace, my sweet little Ro Ro, we love and miss you 💔🐾🌈🐾💔
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