“I’m writing this review on the third year anniversary of my girl, Tessa’s passing.
I’ve been meaning to write a review all of this time but kept putting it off but never forgot how grateful I am to Dr. Carrie Moore.

Dr. Carrie was amazing. Let me start with the fact I was nervous about Tessa’s end and a stranger being there as Tessa was terrified of strangers. Dr. Carrie arrived timely, she was very soft-spoken, very soft in her presence, Tessa was able to leave without fear of the stranger that was helping her pass. I can’t express how much easier this made Tessa’s transition and made me that much more comfortable doing the dreaded.

Dr. Carrie was very understanding too. She went on my time frame, she waited for me to say it was time, and even then, before she did the initial injection, she verified I was okay with her helping Tessa pass. Tessa’s passing was painless and stress-free.

I highly recommend Dr. Carrie, she truly made a bad situation much easier and truly respected both Tessa and me.”

Greg Vasil
New Berlin, WI