Our sweet dog Daisy was with us for 14 years. She was a part of our family, a sweet little girl who was always looking for treats and snuggles.
When we noticed her health was in decline and her quality of life was negatively impacted, we made the difficult decision to put her down. After our last experience putting down our senior dog at a vet’s office, we hoped there was a different option for us this time around. After doing some research, we were so thankful to find Dr. Mendelsohn. We contacted her, she returned a call promptly, she educated us about her services, and we made the appointment. While this decision was a difficult one, Dr. Mendelsohn made the process easier because she was such a compassionate vet. She was a consummate professional throughout the entire process. What ended up being just as important to us is that she helped us to feel seen, heard and valued through the process.  We could not have asked for anyone to be more respectful and kind to our dog Daisy. We were thankful for a different experience this time around, one that was very honoring to our beloved pet. If you are struggling with the decision but know that it is the most humane thing to do for your pet, we highly recommend Dr. Mendelsohn.
Amber Edmond, OK