Our dog had a stroke while she was boarded and the facility had contacted us to let us know she wasn’t doing well and we should come get her if at all possible. We picked her up at 5pm and she was unable to move and had to be carried to the car. We knew her time with us was limited and that she was suffering. I did some research on putting a dog down as I’ve never been through this before. I came across your service and I’m so glad I called. Dr. Dena Long called back within an hour and was at our house, on a Sunday evening (the Sunday before school started back up no less) to help us. She was so calming and compassionate and was constantly focused on soothing our baby. The process was quick and I felt like she was at peace. I can’t express enough gratitude for Dr. Long and her professional, kind manner. My family echoes this sentiment and I’m sure if Choi was able, she would also have been happy with the way things were handled. Thank you Dr. Long!