Dear Dr. Shields,

We wanted to reach out and thank you for helping us say goodbye to our sweet girl, Jane, last weekend.  We can’t imagine how tough a job that is, but your work is so appreciated – since June began showing signs of illness in early summer, she began showing signs of aggression when we’d take her to the vet – very unlike her, and limiting our ability to get the info we needed to help her.  When you came to our house and she wagged her tail, we knew she knew you were there to help and that she was ready to go.  Being able to say goodbye to her on our couch – her favorite place – was a true blessing – we know her last moments were so comfortable and stress free as possible and that she got the dignified and compassionate goodbye she deserved.  We were so lucky to have had almost 10 years, miles of hikes, tons of camping trips and other adventures with her.

Thank you so much. – Liz and Jason