“I am so grateful for this service. The website for this service is thorough and transparent on pricing, and it is worth every penny if you can manage. It also has sections on quality of life and when it may be time to make the call. This helped immensely. When I did have to make the call, I felt empathy from the start from the automated message, it states that they know that you didn’t want to make that phone call, asks for your zip code, then it connects you to the veterinarian. I was connected with Dr. Mary Ann Bender. She came the next day and was so professional, sweet, respectful, empathetic and informative. She took her time, and made sure that we understood the process, were prepared for each step, and asked if we had questions. She made sure my cat, Tallulah, was comfortable and we did the whole process on my front porch, my cat’s favorite spot. After, she let us spend some time with her and handled her so gently at the end. Animals are so lucky to have people like her to help them be laid to rest. I don’t know how they do what they do, but my family is so grateful. Thank you so much, Dr. Bender.”