Thank you for helping us with our Otis, our Beagle, this past Sunday. He was with us a long time, coming into our home from a shelter 11 years ago at about 4 years of age. He joined new brothers Remus and Voldie. He wanted our love and attention and quickly adapted into our home. We think he had good times with us, he was a good boy, friendly to all, playful, even when he was sick. We only found out about his cancer about month ago, it was throughout his body. Our vet treated him to make him comfortable, but the disease finally became too much for him. We knew we would have to make a decision that was best for him. Sunday we realized he couldn’t take anymore. Pet Loss At Home and Dr. Barb came to our rescue. Barb talked to us and to Otis, she petted him and let our family all sit around him holding him on the floor while she gave him an injection to relax him. Barb explained and instructed us on what would happen and what we needed to do. Otis didn’t even feel the end, he just passed peacefully with his chin on my knee while he slept. At last he looked relaxed, his expression no longer held pain, it was our old, happy Otis. We hope he is remembering all his happy moments with us and his brothers.. Thank you, Dr. Barb and Pet Loss At Home , for being there for us.