I’m sure you’ve read hundreds of notes just like this, but I must send my heartfelt thanks to Pet Loss At Home, and most especially Dr. Dave Sherer. Last Sunday it was time to say goodbye to my sweet baby, and old “junkyard dog”, Gemma. I called your number and Dr. Dave called me right back. He patiently listened to my story of Gemma’s slow decline and quietly agreed with me that it was time to end her struggles… The quiet humility and peace that she was allowed to leave this world in was so beautiful. Dr. Dave was wonderful, explaining every step, and letting us go through the process at our own pace. Gemma passed with so much love, many kisses, and all the sweetness we could offer her… It was a huge blessing not to have to move her to the car, and then a sterile table where she would have been extremely stressed. I am forever grateful to Pet Loss At Home and Dr. Dave Sherer for providing such a peaceful alternative. And while I write this with fresh tears, and will miss my puppy always, I know that we gave her a beautiful transition. I will see her again, with all of our other loyal companions, at the Rainbow Bridge… Namaste’ my sweet Gem