My sweet Capone was fine one week, rolling around on his back and being his crazy, spontaneous self and the next week he was having trouble breathing and taking seizures. I heard of a place that did at home services but it did not provide to my location. They directed me here,Pet Loss at Home. I believe everything happens for a reason.
Dr. Levy got back to me very quickly and came to our house the next day to help use understand what we were dealing with.
Capone is a bulldog so he is always running up to people, jumping, smelling, nudging lol. But not with Dr. Levy. Capone greated her right away with tons of kisses and was very comfortable with her. He was loving her up and so calm. This brought so much comfort to my husband and I as we felt like Capone knew she was there to help him.
I also have 3 young boys who were very upset with having to put their pup down. Dr. Levy was so understanding, played with my kids, answered all our questions and made us comfortable with our decision because Capone was not living a good quality of life. He could not get excited without his breathing being an issue. She was so patient with us as we took a while to make that decision no one ever wants to make.
I can not thank Dr.Levy enough for her kind soul.
The Eckman Family