Letting you go is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. This morning, as your favorite meal is slowly cooking, I have to accept this is the last time I’ll feel your little, warm, furry body, laying beside me. I’m sorry, I couldn’t bare to see you suffer any longer. You’ve been more than a friend, you’ve been my constant for almost half the years I’ve walked this earth. You were there to comfort me in the toughest years of my life and were witness to the brightest. You saw the beginnings of a relationship slowly turn into marriage and you became the eldest brother to my children. Thank you Travis for teaching me that unconditional love can come in all shapes and forms. Go in peace, go with dignity; I will always love you my Travee poo, my chiclé, my good little doggie, my good boy.
Thank you, Pet Loss at Home’s Dr.Whisnand and for your very thoughtful prayer.