“We had to say goodbye to a beloved little friend yesterday, Buster was in stage three kidney disease when we adopted him a little over a year ago. Over that year he became such a big part of our family and our hearts.

As he entered kidney failure we made the always heartbreaking decision to let him go, and wanted to do so at home and give him the gentlest goodbye we could. We live in a pretty rural community, not many vets were willing to come to us, but that’s what we really wanted to do for him.

We had Dr Sandra Coon come out, and she was wonderful. My five year old son was able to be included, we talked about it a lot in advance as to what would happen to Buster and what to expect, and while we were both upset and crying the experience was the best we could ask for. She gave us tips on how to keep him distracted for the initial sedative, we got to hold him the whole time and say goodbye privately. When he had passed she gave us a blanket to wrap him in, then we placed him in a basket and my son and I were able to walk him to the car and wave him goodbye. Our other two dogs were also able to say goodbye and I genuinely think that helped provide closure for my son and them.

Dr Coon was compassionate and professional the whole time, she gave us space to grieve and made his transition as seamless and gentle as possible. She made sure we knew what to expect and what she was doing the whole time she was in our home. It’s always the hardest thing to do to say goodbye, but using Pet Loss at Home made it as peaceful as it could possibly be.”