“When you welcome a little companion into your home you never think that they will be the one to take care of you, you think that you will take care of them. But that was not the case with Bella she took care of my family for 18 ½ years. She kept my daughters’ secrets during her teenage years and was here when my daughter and her husband brought their baby daughter home from the hospital. She was my husband’s constant companion as he fought and lost his battle with cancer, and she has helped me through the last two years as I learned to cope with life without him. But there comes a time when you have to say good-bye and it was Bella’s time.
I feel very fortunate that Dr. Abby Regner was able to come to the house to allow Bella to peacefully pass away. There were no painful or scarry trips to the vet’s office involved, just a peaceful goodbye. Dr. Regner was so compassionate and explained everything. She made sure that Bella was comfortable in her final moments and that she felt no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Abby Regner and Pet Loss at Home.”