When it came time to lay my very best friend, Tucker Bear, to rest, I struggled with knowing if I’d made the right decision. I ultimate knew that the pain was too much for my boy to suffer through any longer but the thought of “the next step” of truly letting go terrified me. When we reached out to Dr. Brian Arnold he could tell that the situation was urgent and that our hearts too broken to make us wait even 1 more day. He came to us that very night and helped us through the process. The moment I met him I knew that he came into my life to make this decision just a tiny bit easier for Me. He was kind, compassionate and truly cared. He was professional and in his own gentle, with a refreshing twist of humor way, he explained what the evening would entail. Dr Arnold was truly a gift to us. When we couldn’t find a tennis ball to send with him (his favorite toy), Dr Arnold gave him one of his own. When I apologized to him for getting in his way, laying nose to nose with my boy in his final moments, he told me “You need to be right where you are for him and for you”. When I struggled to let him drive away, he patiently waited and told me he would wait as long as he needed to, until I was ready. And when I repeatedly apologized for crying, he told me it just showed how loved Tucker is and what a great Mommy I was. That is how kind he was to me and my family! From his arrival to our home, through the process of ending Tucker’s suffering, to the moment he returned my boy to us, he handled every step with care! As I told him, he will never truly understand what role he played for us that day. We are forever grateful! I would recommend the care of Dr Arnold to anyone that has to go through this unfortunate heartbreak! Thank you Dr Arnold!