I’m not sure I’ve ever had a better experience with any business ever. After calling the phone number and entering a zip code I was transferred to Dr. Tracey Decter, the actual physician who would be performing the procedure.

She was wonderful, comforting and pretty much everything you’d hope for in a veterinarian. She spoke with me about the procedure, walked me through everything and was patient through any questions or comments I had. We agreed upon a time and I made payment over text messages to her actual cell phone.

She was punctual and kept us appraised about her arrival time. When she got there she was so kind to our little guy and to us. He had been fading for a while and it was time.

She was gentle and comforting while performing the procedure. After it was done she left us with dignity and respect. I couldn’t have asked for it to be done better. I couldn’t recommend Pet Loss at Home enough. Wonderful organization!