Signs of Old Age => Agonizing Conflict => Knowledge about Suffering => Clarity & Confidence => Euthanasia => Relief

One of the most painful experiences we can face in our lifetime is the loss of a beloved pet. The decision to euthanize is so difficult. We experience agonizing conflict about what is the best thing for us to do. As we begin to notice more and more signs of aging and disease developing in our pets over time, we naturally tend to avoid discussions and planning about it. It’s so painful to face the end. It’s much easier for us to deny and ignore the many small clues for fear that our pet really is getting old.

No one ever wants to say goodbye. We often get stuck…paralyzed. We can’t decide. We can’t take action. Very often what results is…our pet ends up suffering for way too long while we linger in indecision…even though that’s the last thing we want. So many people tell me, “I just don’t want my pet to suffer.” But there they are, suffering in silence because we can’t proceed. It’s critical for us to know that our pets need us to muster up the strength to push through this fear of loss and take action. Taking action is the only way to truly ensure that our pets endure minimal suffering.

How do we muster up the strength to take action? How do we move past our repeatedly putting off painful but necessary decision? How do we move beyond our wishful thinking and our fear of the unfamiliar and unknown? The answer is knowledge. By gaining knowledge about our pet’s signs of suffering, true level of pain, and poor quality of life, we gain clarity. And the decision to euthanize becomes more and more obvious. We have a very valuable opportunity to give our cherished pet the gift of relief from terrible pain and suffering. With clarity, we feel a little more confident that we are doing the right thing. We become inspired to take action now that we know the facts and can feel empathy for the pain our pet is experiencing. We have to save them from suffering. We feel proud of our strength to provide an escape for our pet. They are free of unnecessary pain and suffering. And we are relieved.

From “Euthanasia Guidebook For Pet Owners” written by Dr. Karen Twyning, DVM, founder of Pet Loss At Home, a respected and growing national network of compassionate veterinarians dedicated to private pet euthanasia in the comfort of home.