Founder of Pet Loss At Home

Pet Loss At Home connects pet owners with mobile veterinarians on our Team in a growing number of cities nationwide. Our focus is availability for home euthanasia 7-days a week, short notice same day. You can look forward to more and more reliable home euthanasia service as we partner with more and more compassionate veterinarians.

Call (877) 219-4811

Our Smart 800# is a call-forwarding system that connects you with a compassionate mobile veterinarian in your area. It works by entering your 5-digit postal mailing zip code in areas where we have partner veterinarians. Click on the map for current service locations.

If you need help finding home pet euthanasia service in an area that we do NOT yet cover OR during times our local vet is over-booked with appointments:

(1) Visit these home euthanasia directories if we do not respond in 3 hours and same day needed:

(2) Call vet clinics in your area and ask for house call service. Insist on sedation first.

(3) Call vet clinics in your area and ask for names and phone numbers of mobile vets. Insist on sedation first.

(4) Ask your clinic vet to sedate your pet in the comfort and familiarity of your own vehicle in the hospital parking lot. Bring towels, blankets and pillows.

(5) Work with your local vet clinic or pet emergency hospital to obtain a comfort kit ($50). You may be able to sedate your own pet in the comfort of your own home. Once sedated, comfortable transport to the ER may be possible. This sedation can only be dispensed to you if the facility has seen your pet within the past year. A veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) is legally required. A vet clinic or emergency clinic cannot dispense medication to you if they have not done a physical exam on your pet recently.

(6) GOOGLE “house call mobile vet”

(7) Call, text or email our co-founder Rob Twyning for our database of mobile vets:

*Best way to reach local vet is 877-219-4811, then enter 5-digit zip code

(262) 903-9655 (personal cell)  * email:

Note:  I am the owner of the company and can help but am NOT the local vet.  Please click on the map or enter zip code to find the vet nearest to you for help.  Thank-you.  Rob

Rob and Karen Twyning

Rob Twyning & Karen Twyning, DVM

Founders of Pet Loss At Home

A family was desperate to find a mobile vet on a Sunday. Rob emailed our mobile vet database to them and they found someone available: “Thank you so very much for your attention. I could only wish you were here. But considering our weather I would not wish that off on you. A very nice lady named Sarah McCabe DVM called me and has been here and my Dutches is now in a better place. I am very thankful for her help and your help as well.  Please thank Karen for her help as well.”