We got Abbie when she was just a few weeks old. She was born on May
10th 2002 and we got it on 4th of July weekend of 2002. My oldest
daughter Amanda had picked her out of the litter she was the smallest
runt of the litter. She didn’t have the full markings of the Yorkie pool
like the other brothers and sisters. The father was a full Yorkie in the
mother was a full black poodle. We were super excited to bring her home
and she brought so much joy to our family for many many years. Abbie
definitely was a lap dog. She loved everybody especially men. Never
really a Barker and always laid back. She grew up with several years
with a cat and we believe that she thought she was a cat. Licking
herself like a cat and sunning herself in the Sun. Everybody love Abbie
and she is truly missed by many many people. Pets are definitely like a
part of your family and when you lose one you grieve for missing them.
No words can express the love I had for my dog.