“Axel” Foley

Hi Allegra,
Thank you for reaching out. I have to tell you that everyday since he’s left me, have been difficult days. He was involved in every facet of my life. He’d follow me from room to room….lay at my feet while I washed dishes. Lay on me when I sat on the couch. Come outside with me. Eat  with me. Sleep with me. He couldn’t have been any more of a companion as he was already. I miss him so. I know I made the right decision, but it was a very painful one. I’m so glad he was able to just fall asleep.  I don’t have Facebook. I do have Instagram, and I’d love for you you put him on your website. He was my best friend.
Axel Foley was such a good boy, A big part of our family, and my best friend. Life will not be the same without him. We will love him forever. Thank you Dr. Liu, for making his passing a peaceful and loving event.