Baby Boy “Bebe”

January 15th , 2003 – August 7th 2018

On August 6th, my partner and I had to make one of the most difficult decisions in 39 years of being together. We were blessed with Our beloved Puganese whose name was Baby Boy; “Bebe” for short. He was a typical rough and tough little guy that did not like too much papering unless he was the one demanding it and boy did he hate bath time. He was never late for a meal and you better be on time with it or he let you know in no uncertain terms… He has a toy box bigger than any child’s and would wait by the counter whenever he knew we went grocery shopping for his new toy………

Well after turning 15 in January he began showing signs of issues going up and down stairs so my partner built him a ramp and he would go in and out as needed until about a month ago. It was then his sight and hearing seemed to be really affecting his daily activities and his stability seemed to be dwindling.

Oh. He would still go in and out but he would lose his balance and fall and just look up at us with those big eyes and with our help would get back up and always pretend for us everything was alright. When he would fall, we would be right there to pick him up and he would give us that little “grumble” just to let us know he really wanted to do it himself but welcomed the help.

It was on August 6th, the hottest day of this year his ability to stand for more than a few minutes brought me to the realism as he would look up at me it was time we called for help and guidance. Being the stubborn little guy that Bebe was he would keep trying to make himself get through each day as all he ever wanted was always to be right by our side and lived up to that until the end.

That night, I wrote to Christina Kinkade from Pet Loss at Home, who graciously listened to me through emails and offering advice as to what she could do to help. Her kind words and advice were what we needed to see we needed to make an apt to have her evaluate our precious little guy. With tears rolling down my face, I admitted to her I felt we were making our precious Bebe live without the quality of life he so deserved and needed her to evaluate him to assist with making the decision that was best for him.

Christina scheduled us for an appt. to evaluate Bebe the next day, August 7th. That day, when Bebe woke up after a nap, you would never have known he has an issue, as he pranced up and down the hall, went out to potty and then spent some time with us like nothing was wrong. It was as though he was preparing us for his departure and wanted us to remember him on a positive note.

Christina arrived right on time and after settling in walked up to him and just spent some time with him talking to him and checking his vitals. Bebe never liked strangers but for some reason he took right away to Christina as though he knew she was there to help him. Christine never rushed and spent as long as we needed to discuss her findings which all led to one difficult choice. Should we hold off and watch him continue to struggle for another day, week, or month for us or should we do the proper thing and let him finally get the peace he so deserved.

Well, at 3PM on August 7th, Bebe passed on and crossed “Over the Rainbow Bridge “in my partners’ arms with me by his side petting his sweet head. It was the first time in a very long time we saw him so peaceful and finally at rest.

The house is empty, our hearts broke and our tears still flow daily for him but we know we did the right thing and thanks to Christina Kinkade we were able to give our precious angel and end to suffering with dignity.

Thank you Dr. Christina Kinkade !