For just over 13 years, I’ve been blessed to have this very special soul share my life. In the best way possible, Bella’s people pack surrounded her as we said a final and very painful goodbye to her on Sunday April 15th. She was smart, affectionate, loving and an unbelievable athlete. She was also my protector. I am so grateful that we were able to share all those years together. She lived for almost 6 months after her diagnosis with bone cancer and going through a hind leg amputation and chemotherapy. Her zest for life was off the charts, even as a tripod, until her last week when we learned that the cancer had spread to her lungs. She will be remembered for her love of people, affection, playfulness, energetic personality and strong will. Along with her Border Collie ways of watching you and looking deep into your eyes. And her German Shorthair Pointer ways, including pointing on occasion, and always looking up into the trees and sky. When she was younger, she would race the cars as they pulled away from the stop sign next to the school yard field. Everybody got a real kick out of it. In my mind she will always be running through fields, the forest and swimming in the ocean, lakes and creeks. And her favorite thing, laying alongside one of her favorite people on the couch or in bed. All dogs are wonderful to me, but occasionally an incredibly special one comes along. That was Bella and her spirit will always be with me in my heart.