Bernie Jensen

This is our beautiful (Bernese Mt. Dog) boy Bernie. Recently, he got a large bump on his front leg. We weren’t sure if it was an allergic reaction to a bug bite or what. We took him into his vet of 7 ½ years who is 3 blocks away from our house. We were told that is was bone cancer and how much time she estimated he had. Needless to say we were shocked and devastated, we asked her about making arraignments to come to our house when the time came so he would be in a place he loved and with his loved ones with him. She informed us that she doesn’t “perform that service” but would give him extra pain meds. We thought if any vet would love our boy and understand our situation it would be her. WE WERE SO WRONG!
We went home and discussed it and decided we didn’t want him to suffer through this painful process also knowing that this tumor could break his bone in half. I got on the internet and found “Pet Loss At Home” I read the testimonials and tributes the how and why the company got started and was very moved. I called and was put in contact with Dr. Allegra Liu, she listened to Bernie and our situation and concerns. I was so touched by her compassion and understanding. She went on to provide me with information about what would be needed and the process itself. We set up a date and time for her to come out at which point I realized she is at least 2 counties away from our home which would take her at least an hour and a half (on a good day, we live in California) to get to us. After hanging up and speaking with my husband we both
realized SHE was the TRUE Veterinarian. She understood, cared and helped us through a very tough time. When the day came (2/7/15) and she showed up; again she put us at ease with her depth of compassion. She met Bern and he of course fell in
love with her (he loved women). We truly believe that Bern knew what was going on. Dr. Liu and provided us with information regarding what we could possibly expect. Bern laid down on my lap (his he ad, after all he was 165 pounds. But always thought he was a lap dog) and peacefully went to sleep. Within days of our loss the Dr. not only sent an email to see how we were doing and offer support she sent a condolence card which was very sweet. It is very evident that this is NOT just a job for you. The compassion and love that you so graciously share with those in need is immeasurable. Dr. Liu, you have our undying gratitude for everything that you have done for our family. It is so reassuring to know that there is this beautiful company out there for us to find that comes with such wonderful, caring professionals.
Thank you,
The Jensens