“It was a cold windy day in March of 2019 when I first met Betty. She was an inmate at the SPCA. She looked at me from her bed without showing any emotion, walked up to the door but I wasn’t the human she expected, disappointed she turned and walked back to her bed, she never looked at me again. I looked at the other dogs but decided to go back to her kennel. Standing there my heart sunk seeing her so sad. While she was put on a lead and I walked her around and introduced her to my other dog and my sister waiting in the car. The two dogs walked together and they seemed like they were meant to be friends. Before we could bring her home she had to be spayed a few days later I got a phone call from the doctor saying she was ready to come home, but the doctor said that they found cancer and I didn’t have to take her. I didn’t have to think about it. Of course she was coming home with me. And the rest is history. She was already seven when I adopted her and she died days short of her tenth birthday. Would I do it again ? In a HEARTBEAT!”