Dear Booboo, I miss you so much. Every day of our 19 years together was a blessing. I loved the way you spoke to me, expressing your moods and your thoughts. Inserting yourself into whatever was going on. Greeting me at the door. Sharing meals. Resting at night. You were the best cat in the world, and a sincere loving companion. The house feels empty without you. But your body was no longer able to support your spirit. Not a time for me to be selfish. Time to give you peace and relief from suffering. You lived a long, incredible, happy and loving life. I miss you terribly. But I am happy you are at peace. I love you Garbanzo. Dr Liu, thank you very much for your support through this difficult time. You helped my companion Garbanzo pass peacefully through his final life passage. I truly appreciate your help. Thank you. Good bye Garbanzo. I miss my old man awfully. Rest peacefully.

Daniel Edelson