Buddy (Lauer)
Buddy, our sweet prince, was 15 and lived the life of a king! We rescued Buddy at age 2 when our prior cat, Mo, lost his prior housemate to cancer. Although Buddy’s purpose (in our eyes) was to be the playmate that Mo lost, instead Buddy made it clear that he would be the “man” of the house. Although he made Mo’s life a bit challenging, they did share the space eventually. Buddy became Mo’s best friend at the end of his life. Once Buddy had the house to himself, he enjoyed 100% of his family’s attention. He would often loudly “gallop” through the house when showing off for guests. He was very skilled at waking his family when he was ready to get up by galloping over the bed until someone got up! That black spot on his nose distinguished his handsome face, and we find ourselves looking for that sweet face to come around the corner or hop up on the bed, but he is sadly with us no more. We miss him dearly and wish him a cancer-free existence in the fields of kitty heaven. ??