08-28-2009 – 10-05-2020
Buster you were the gentlest and most loving boy . Your tail never stopped wagging with excitement when you got to chase your ball or go for walks. I will never forget how every year when the pool was opened you would sit by each skimmer everyday waiting for me to open it so you could see if there was anything stuck in them. You always seemed to know when there was a frog or some other critter in them and we always managed to get them to safety because of you, and when the pool was closed you would just sit there looking at the pool cover, then at me, sad that another season had come to an end. All of the things that you loved to do in the spring and summer was once again shut down for the year. But as long as the weather would let us and you were able, throwing your tennis ball filled you the most with uncontrollable excitement, the loud barking and wailing from you was piercing, like nails on a chalkboard.
I miss you and how you filled this house with so much love. You will always be in my heart and loved as long as I live. Taken way to soon my Champion